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Sore Legs, Sore Knees, Sore Ankles, Sore Hips, Sore Calf

sore legs sore knee sore ankles sore shins, sore calfs sore hips,

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"Thanks for a great product.  I ordered the knee wrap last time (1999) as I had hurt my knee while using a machine at the gym.  My knee was so sore it was difficult to walk much less up steps.  After using the knee wrap, it did not take long before all of the pain was gone.  I was amazed.   The pain has not returned.  I have since ordered (2000) these for my Mom for her wrist and for a friend for her ankle.  They were both pleased.  Now once again we have returned (2001) and my son is using the wrap for sore ankle pain.  Thanks again!

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Clinical study conducted at a major western University. Goode Wraps were applied to some 28 patients, half the applications were placebos.  More than 50% of the sore patients were varsity athletes in basketball, volleyball and track.  The following brief's the study made at the medical school of a major University. sore information network.

Sore Legs, Sore Knees, Sore Ankles, Sore Hips, Sore Calf's

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Excerpts from Pain and Sore Muscle Study for Goode Wraps being prepared for publication by the Medical Sciences Department of a large Western University  Sore Legs, Sore Knees, Sore Ankles, Sore Hips, Sore Calf


A group of 32 injury victims were selected from two locations. One a pain clinic where the injuries ranged from sports trauma to falls, and two "old injuries acting up." The other location was an athletic training center at a large Western University during basketball, volleyball, and track seasons. The injuries involved pain from strains, sprains, and trauma from falls, etc. There were no broken bones or deep cuts.

The subjects were randomly assigned to two groups, red or blue. All subjects were required to sign a consent form in order to join the study, however, neither the subject nor the trainer/nurse/physician knew whether red or blue was experimental or control. Each subject was asked—and agreed—not to ingest any type of analgesic or other pain medication nor obtain any other methods of treatment for their injury while participating in this study.

Results - the perceived levels of pain were calculated by subtracting the perceived level of pain at each reporting time from the original perception:

Thirty minutes - all control group subjects felt worse or no change. 31% of the treatment groups felt somewhat better. Significance of .024.

Two hours - control group subjects continued to feel worse or the same. 56% of treatment group felt significant improvement. Significance is .003.

24 hours - 25% of control had some improvement. 63% of treatment group had significant improvement.

Three days - 30% of control group had slight improvement. 88% of treatment group had moderate to great improvement.

Seven days - 33% of control group subjects had again slight improvement. 91% of treatment group subjects had great to total improvement. Significance is .004.

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Sore Legs, Sore Knees, Sore Ankles, Sore Hips, Sore Calf


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