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Quarterback Goalie Pitcher -- The combination of side elevation, forward elevation, external and internal  rotation of the shoulder area are all controlled by the rotator cuff cup. The rotator cuff consists of four muscles with tendons that blend together to attach on the outer part of the shoulder, two or three inches below the point or accordion, of the shoulder. The shoulder joint is also intrinsically involved with the shoulder scapula or blade. As you throw a baseball or football, the shoulder blade also rotates and lifts in concert with the shoulder  joint.


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rotator cuff cup rotation cup shoulder pain  kitchen quarterback, compression shirt sore shoulder arm stiffness hextapes sugery arthroscopic  orthopedic tendinitis

Quarterback Hockey Shoulder Pain Soccer Bowling Rotator Cuff  Jogging Running Basketball Sore Shoulder Baseball Pitcher Swimming Cycling Volleyball Softball Football Gymnastics Golf

rotator cuff cup rotation cup shoulder pain  kitchen quarterback, compression shirt sore shoulder arm stiffness hextapes sugery arthroscopic  orthopedic tendinitis

Debbie -- a Placebo Patient in the osteoarthritis study who also had shoulder pain:

Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciated the use of the sleep shirt. I  have to admit I was rather skeptical because I had been in your double-blinded study and received the Placebo Patches (no semiconductors) and therefore had no relief from this product.

When I got the shirt from you I was having what I would call severe pain across my shoulder blades and it radiated all across my back and upper shoulders. When I would sit down at my computer at work it would just aggravate it. I was taking Naproxen and alternating with Advil and Tylenol just to get some relief. When it hurts this bad I go to my massage therapist but I just didn�t have the time, so when you offered the shirt (with the wonderful semi-conductors) I was ready to try anything. Surprisingly I slept very sound the first night and I usually toss and turn quite a bit and end up on my stomach.  I do not think I moved all night, woke up and had no back pain and felt quite refreshed because of a good nights sleep.  I was tempted to wear it to work because I thought it would help while there. I didn�t because the shirt is quite thick and would show through my clothes.  After I was at work, I wished I had - it did tighten up and was sore.  I wore the shirt four nights in a row and was very glad for it. - The fifth day I had stopped having the tightness and pain and stopped taking anymore pain relievers during the day.  I�m not sure how the shirt works but I did receive considerable relief while using it.


Our new self adhesive tapes (Hex) have been added to our inventory.  These can be used in conjunction or separately with the sleep shirt.  These Hex tapes are very effective for rotator cuff pain. 

Shoulder pain, rotator cuff and stiffness are generally caused by muscle cramps. These usually occur when a muscle tries to do more work than it has the flexibility and strength to handle.  Because of over work, most people have experienced a biceps, cramped shoulder, calf, hand or other muscle at some time.

Dehydration can be another cause.  Muscle cells are 80 percent fluids, so they need to be replenished with fluids constantly. A combination of overwork and dehydration can be very devastating.

 When the muscle is irritated, it cramps to protect the area of difficulty.  When people overuse their muscles during the day, they sometimes wake up at night with cramps. The best way to avoid a cramp is to stay hydrated and warm up and stretch before and after exercise.

GOODE WRAPS research shows our product relaxes muscles.  Shoulder pain and stiffness and Rotator Cuff injuries can be relieved by relaxing the muscles. 

So, buy a Goode Wrap.

These wraps have been user and clinically tested to relax muscles.  We have a generous 30 Day money back return with just signature required. Wraps are guaranteed or your money back, no questions asked.

Complete Product Information, Clinical Studies, Testimonials

The most advanced sports wrap for pain, take a peek

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Cotton Night Shirt

midshirt.jpg (9675 bytes)This heavy duty cotton T-shirt gives coverage for hard-to-reach places on the shoulders and upper back.   It is used primarily for sleeping but can be used during the day.   The order form lists men's sizes; women's equivalents -order one size smaller.
100.00 each 
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Power Compression Shirt

Call 1-888-972-7200 to Order or for Information 

Monday- Friday 8-4

Short Sleeve 25% /  Lycra 75% Nylon Power Compression Shirt

The shirt is designed for tight compression.  It is helpful for people with fibromyalgia and for active sports participation.  It has the same pattern as the cotton shirt.
100.00 each 

Long Sleeve Power Compression Shirt �

Designed for Pitchers and Quarterbacks

This shirt was designed for a quarterback who had suffered a sore elbow and a shoulder injury.  He wore it in a University bowl game and threw the winning touchdown.  It has the same pattern as the short sleeve shirts except for elbow on both arms and pattern over the biceps.
125.00 Each 
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30 Day Guarantee on the wrap with return

Goode Wraps other great products for the Elbow, Ankle, Shin, Knee, Leg, Calf, and Wrist

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Rotator Cuff - Cup -Shoulder Pain -Upper Back Pain 

Upper back pain could be caused by soft-tissue problems. Goode Wraps ability to relax muscles as reported in clinical testing, makes Goode Wraps a must buy.

The anomalies of the spine as seen on X-rays -- bulging or  slipped disks, herniated disks, calcium deposits, bone spurs, subluxations, these may or may not be the cause of your pain.  They are fairly common, even with people who have no pain at all.  Some Orthopedic Surgeons feel it is very tempting with pain, to focus on an abnormality found in diagnostic images, to assume that it is the cause of the pain. But in some cases, that may or may not be true.

 In any case, whether one's back pain is vertebral in origin or muscular, the basic rule remains: First, do no harm. It only makes sense to begin with least invasive or the least risky, treatment available.  If it isn't effective, the other treatments are still available.


What are Goode Wraps, anyway?

They are quality elastic sports wraps, cloth shirts, and adhesive patches.  A unique blend of natural rare earth semiconductors are impregnated into them  to reduce pain and stiffness by relaxing muscles.  Goode Wraps are available for the foot, ankle, knee, hip, back, elbows, shoulder, wrist and fingers.   In fact, the semiconductors can be added to almost any high quality cloth like material.

How are they used?

Primarily to control swelling and pain. They are ideal for tired aching muscles or joints from sporting activity, exercise and repetitive stress injuries. The Goode Wraps help the muscles regain strength and prevent or lessen the sharp pain in shoulders and joints from tendon stress

Visit the home site (Goode Wraps) or visit Research.

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 Goode Wraps are not intended for sole treatment of injury or disease. Consult a physician for treatment of any pain or inflammation that is severe or that lasts for more than a few days.






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