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Goode Wraps reduce pain, swelling and stiffness by Relaxing Wrist Muscles


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Wrist Pain, Repetitive Stress, Cumulative Trauma

Dancer.eps (33850 bytes)Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the name given to the symptoms that occur when the nerves and tendons running through the carpal tunnel of the wrist are compressed by tissue or bone or become irritated and swell. The carpal tunnel itself is a narrow passage in the wrist comprised of bones and ligaments through which nerves and tendons pass into the hand.


At first, there may be numbness, tingling of the thumb, index, long and ring fingers, or burning in the hand.  Shooting pain in the wrist or forearm may follow, and the grip may become weak.

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Dr. Rudy J. H, Director Pennsylvania Psychological Services.
"By nature, I’m a skeptic.  When my brother-in-law suggested I try an elastic band for my carpal tunnel problems, I quietly laughed.  After explaining to me that the band was impregnated with semiconductors, I laughed some more.  In fact, I continued laughing while wearing a band immediately after a particularly painful episode of my condition. However, my laughter stopped when I realized something--the band, in fact, did work!

Unfortunately, the "band" was given to me after I went through several months of conventional treatment for my condition.  This included the use of a fitted removable cast in addition to two to three hour-long hand therapy sessions over a period of six weeks.  I am curious as to whether or not the use of the "band" would have shortened the treatment time."

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“My fingers were getting numb.   I was losing power and could not use my nippers.  I thought I was going to have to give up my profession and find a new job.  After using the wrist wraps for three days  I had all my power back.  Its been three month now and I feel great.”

This horse shoer was a very interesting test case.  He was so happy with the results that he agreed to do a testimonial for Goode Wraps.  With no practice, he just stepped up and gave a five minute "from the heart" testimonial.  Not one mistake or retake!

At first, the symptoms may be numbness, tingling of the thumb, index, long and ring fingers, or burning in the hand.  Shooting hshoe1.JPG (231056 bytes)pain in the wrist or forearm may follow and the grip may become weak.  Pain is usually worse at night, and can radiate up the arm and to the back of the shoulder.  The result can be tingling, numbness, and eventually debilitating pain.  Early symptoms include a tingling in the fingers, often beginning several hours after work activity has stopped.  

Because of this delay in the appearance of symptoms, many carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers don't realize their work activities are causing the pain until it's too late.  The tingling can lead, over time, to stiffness and numbness in the fingers and hand, and then to severe wrist and hand pain.


The most advanced sports wrap available, take a peek

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Fri, 4 Apr 2003


“Wrist wrap arrived safely today to Palm Bay, Fl.  I’m happy!  I have a feeling I will be ordering another one soon.”    Thanks, Mary


Wrist Wraps

Photo of Tube Wrist Wrap Tube Wrist Wrap    Unisex but mainly for women. This is a pull-on band for small to medium sized wrists with a circumference of 5-to-8 inches. Can also be used as a wrap for small ankles. Men can just put them over a water glass to stretch out.

See our Ankle wraps.  Goode Wraps Ankle wraps are the best of our wraps for serious wrist pain.  They are not attractive like Goode Wraps Aqua wraps that you would use for playing tennis and golf but using the Ankle wrap for serious Carpal Tunnel symptoms will amaze you.  You can wear the Goode Wraps Ankle Wraps for the wrist, two different ways.  You pull it on over your hand with you thumb sticking out of the hole.  One direction, the wrap goes from the base of your fingers to high over your wrist and forearm-- the second direction is to reverse it and have the wrap go over the tips of your fingers and just covering the wrist.  This is great when you are sleeping.  The good part of the Ankle wrap is you can use it as a SMALL Knee/wrist/elbow, shin or calf wrap.  Just rotate the hole away from the pain area.  Relax those muscles surrounding the pain area and bam, you have your life back!

The Aqua Tube Wrist Wrap shown in the photo is:

                                          $ shipping/handling of $5. for Priority Mail

The WHITE ANKLE wrap for the Wrist-hand/fingers-forearm is:

                                         $ 45. plus s/h of $5. for Priority Mail


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Goode Wraps Relieve Pain, Swelling and Stiffness by Relaxing Muscles

Philosophy and Application


Using anti-inflammatory oral medication for these tendon problems is a prescription for disaster as they clearly do not treat the underlying cause and have the potential to cause significant complications.

Put simply, the philosophy is that the body is a self regulating bioenergetic and biomechanical phenomena which will continue to regulate itself for as long as it has the reserve energy necessary to sustain life, by the ongoing process of biological adaptation.

Bowen realized that the body would regulate itself and return to balance if the appropriate neurological and neuromuscular context was created so that it could.  There was never the question of if it could, this was implicit -- the fact that the person had life was evidence enough that it could!


See the Goode Wraps Home Page for University research and user testimonials.

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