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"I received the leg warmers for a recurring muscle cramping problem in my right calf.  I immediately put it on.  I haven't had any cramps since and could not be happier.  Thanks for the help."   Marge G 

If you get awaken by a calf cramp, you know how quickly they arrive and how intense the pain can be.  Lots of factors are involved, including dehydration, eating sugar, use of diuretics or overuse of your muscles.  All can trigger leg cramps.  And, they usually occur during rest or sleep.


Calf Cramps, Paratendinitis and Tendinosis  

Calf cramps can be caused by tendinitis.  This is a condition where overuse problems associated with physical activity, calf tendinitis and cramps are among the most common.  It has been common in the past to group all conditions and tendinitis and treat accordingly. There now are several different pathological entities.  These are: tendinitis, paratendinitis, tendinosis, partial and complete rupture.

Calf tendinitis is a catch term for inflammation of the tendon itself, and can often co-exist with paratendinitis.

The cause of calf tendinitis usually results from microscopic tears within the tendon and triggering an inflammatory response within the tendon.  Common areas susceptible to tendinitis are; Achilles tendonitis, patella, adductor longus, supraspinatus, biceps, tibialis posterior and flexor hallucis longus tendons.

The first signs of tendinitis are usually noticed following exercise and especially first thing in the morning.  During the warm-up phase of exercise the pain frequently disappears and only returns after the cool down period.  The sports person can train through the pain in the early stages and therefore interfer with the healing process.

The main characteristics of tendinitis are tenderness, crepitus and local swelling.

Tendinitis responds well to a combination of; Rest, Ice, Compression and Exercise (RICE.) Later, massage once the tendon becomes less painful.  When strengthening, eccentric exercises have been very successful in helping preventing recurrence.

For recommended relief:

•Stretch and massage the leg muscle--Straighten your leg and point your toes upward, while you gently rub the cramp to help the muscle relax.

•Stand up--For a calf cramp, put your weight on the "cramped" leg and bend your knee slightly.  For a thigh cramp, keep both legs straight and lean forward at the waist. Use a chair to steady yourself.

•Apply cold or heat to the leg cramp--Use a cold pack to relax tense muscles. Use a warm towel or heating pad later if you have pain and tenderness.


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Restless Legs/  read this testimonial:


I cannot find anything on heel pain (Plantar Fisitis (s) ... could you advise if the ankle wrap is the product to order or the pain tapes (HEX?

By the way, I have RLS (restless leg Syndrome) and use the calf wrap.  I would never have believed this relief was possible WITHOUT the heavy drugs they give out.  This product works excellent for me.  I never would have believed it.  The heel problem is for my wife, who has witnessed my relief and naturally is looking to you for help.

 Thank you,

Vince G.



The most advanced sports wrap available, take a peek

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Leg Warmers, Cramps and Spasms

midknee.jpg (16833 bytes) LEG Warmer Wrap for Muscle Cramps or Spasm
This is a tube that pulls over your foot and onto your calf.  This wrap can also be used as a Regular Knee Wrap or a Regular Shin Wrap.  To use this wrap, the circumference of your leg at the calf should be no larger than 17 inches.
45.00 each 

LARGE  LEG Warmer Wrap
This tube pulls over your foot and onto your calf.  This wrap also functions as a Large Knee Wrap or a Large Shin Wrap.  It can be used on the upper leg for muscle cramps and spasms.
This wrap will fit you if the circumference of your leg at the calf is 17-to-21 inches.
50.00 each 



Ankle Cramp Wraps Tendon / Injury, Trauma

Photo of Ankle WrapONE SIZE FITS ALL (or most!)
This tube wrap pulls on over your foot and ankle.  It has the toes and heel open so you can wear it with your own stockings.  The Ankle Wrap can also be used as a Small Knee Wrap, Wrist Wrap or Small Elbow Wrap.  Just rotate the cut-out heel area away from the pain.
This wrap will fit if the circumference of you instep and ankle are both 7-to-14 inches.
45.00 each 
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What are Goode Wraps, anyway?
They are elasticized compression shorts, sports wraps, adhesive patches.  Each of these is impregnated with a unique blend of natural rare earth semiconductors that increase circulation to reduce pain or prevent swelling.  Goode Wraps are available for the foot, ankle, knee, hip, back, elbows, shoulder, wrist and fingers.  In fact, the semiconductors can be added to almost any high quality cloth like material.


Restless Leg and Cramping

Cramping and spasms during sleep is usually due to an exaggeration of a normal muscle reflex.  When you turn during sleep, you contract your calf muscles and stretch their tendons.  This stimulates nerve stretch receptors in the tendon and sends a message back to the spinal cord, telling the calf muscles to contract.  Sometimes, the muscles remain contracted and hurt.  Painful muscle cramps at night can also be caused by pinched nerves, a partially-obstructed flow of blood to the legs and abnormal mineral or hormone levels.  If you have this problem, check with your doctor.

Goode Wraps relax muscles and tendons to relieve pain, swelling and stiffness.  


Leg Cramps Relief
Restless Legs

Leg Swelling Relief

Leg Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation and Swelling

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Calf Cramps Relief
Anti Calf Cramps

Muscle Cramps Relief


Inflammation and Swelling

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Ankle Cramps Relief
Anti Ankle Pain

Ankle Swelling Relief


Inflammation and Swelling

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Back Cramps Relief
Anti Back Cramps Relief

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Goode Wraps

Neck Cramps Relief
Anti Neck Cramps

Neck Swelling Relief


Inflammation and Swelling

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Elbow Pain Relief
Anti Elbow Pain

Elbow Swelling Relief

Goode Wraps

Wrist Pain Relief
Anti Wrist Pain

Wrist Swelling Relief

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Goode Wraps are not intended for sole treatment of injury or disease. Consult a physician for treatment of any pain or inflammation that is severe or that lasts for more than a few days.


Goode Wraps are not intended for sole treatment of injury or disease. Consult a physician for treatment of any pain or inflammation that is severe or that lasts for more than a few days.

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