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Leg Aches, Knee Aches, Shin Aches, Ankle Aches, Hip Aches, Back Aches, Neck Aches

Goode Wraps relieve pain, swelling and stiffness. Visit the Home Site

, Knee Ache, Shin Ache, Ankle Ache, Hip Ache, Back Ache, Neck Ache

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leg aches,knee aches,ankle aches,shin aches,hip aches,back aches, knee aches,back aches,neck aches, chrondromalacia,
Compression wraps outperform special floor mats when it comes to reducing the ache and swelling of workers' legs where their jobs require prolonged standing, say Dutch researchers.

Runner2.gif (2102 bytes)A condition called chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) includes leg swelling, leg aches and skin changes that occur when the pressure of blood in veins is raised due to factors such as long periods of standing and weight gain. Leg veins depend on muscle movements to help push blood against gravity. Small valves in the veins that also help blood flow are weakened by increased venous pressure, and this can lead to the appearance of varicose veins.

These venous conditions can have serious implications: a recent German study found discomfort such as tired, aching legs due to venous disorders leads 2% of the workforce to quit or change their jobs.

Email received unsolicited

thank you.  i just received my second pair or compression shorts.  i had a problem with my upper leg for months.  i finally went to my doctor who diagnosed it as a groin pull and suggested physical therapy.  rather than go through that i ordered your shorts. 

after wearing you product for a short period of time i was able to run again without pain.  i call them magic shorts. 

I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect or if the thing actually works.  what’s more, i don’t care.  my leg is almost 100% now.  unbelievable. 


peter k.

In reality, aches in the leg, knee, shin and ankle can be nothing more serious than referred pain from myofascial trigger points midknee.jpg (16833 bytes)(tiny contraction knots) in the muscles of the back. hip and thigh. Even when the hip, leg or knee has suffered a verifiable physical injury, trigger points in associated muscles always contribute a major part of the pain. Referred pain can be every bit as intense and debilitating as pain from a damaged joint.

Some researchers suspect that trigger points may actually be the root cause of fibromyalgia and other kinds of joint deterioration. This is because muscles afflicted with trigger points become shortened and stiff. When this happens, even normal movement puts undue strain on muscle attachments at the joints, which can eventually result in damage to connective tissue and distortion of the joints themselves.


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Leg Ache Warmers, Cramps. Spasms Restless Legs - Charlie Horse

REGULAR Leg Warmer Wrap for Muscle Cramps, Restless Legs or Spasm
This is a tube that pulls over your foot and onto your calf.  This wrap can also be used as a Regular Knee Wrap or a Regular Shin Wrap.  To use this wrap, the circumference of your leg at the calf should be no larger than 18 inches.
45.00 each 
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LARGE Leg Warmer WrapKnee_S.jpg (3425 bytes)
This tube pulls over your foot and onto your calf.  This wrap also functions as a Large Knee Wrap or a Large Shin Wrap.  It can be used on the upper leg for muscle cramps and spasms. This wrap will fit you if the circumference of your leg at the calf is 18-to-23 inches.
50.00 each 
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Ankle Wraps

Photo of Ankle WrapONE SIZE FITS ALL (or most!)
This tube wrap pulls on over your foot and ankle.  It has the toes and heel open so you can wear it with your own stockings.  The Ankle Wrap can also be used as a Small Knee Wrap or Small Elbow Wrap.  Just rotate the cut-out heel area away from the pain.
This wrap will fit if the circumference of you instep and ankle are both 7-to-13 inches.
45.00 each 
Order Ankle Wrap


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30 Day Grantee Return

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Power Compression Shorts

Groin Pull, Hamstring Pull, Adductor Strain and Hip Pain
Sciatica Lower Back Pain

Men, Women and Children

We start with the best compression shorts on the market today, Power Compression Shorts - 42% Lycra / 58% Nylon (no rubber, elastic or neoprene to irritate).  Then we add Goode Wraps semiconductors technology to make a premium product for the relief of pain in the groin, hamstring, quadriceps, hips, thighs or lower back.   Please call (1-888-972-7200) or use the secure order form at
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We need your waist size in inches.   30 day money back guarantee.  

You Will Not Be Disappointed
125.00 Each

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Basketball Baseball Volleyball Hockey Soccer Softball Gymnastics Golf Swimming Jogging Bowling Cycling Running Football Skiing Jumping Tennis

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Additional Benefits from Power Compression Shorts
Improve Athletic Performance and Reduce Injury

It has been proven throughout the research at Penn State Center for Sports Medicine that garments engineered to meet DuPont Lycra Power´┐Ż Compression Shorts standards ensure a competitive edge.  Research at Ball State concluded:  Through various mechanisms, these findings may translate into an effect on athletic performance and reduction of injury.  Goode Wraps pilot studies show Power Compression Shorts with external application of semiconductors may have a 5% additional positive effect on motor performance (kicking a foot ball and standing high jump).

LA Times - Some say compression garments can enhance performance by improving the body's awareness of motion

We have had only one person tell us he re-injured himself while wearing our shorts, he was a sprinter who pulled a quadriceps muscle, and he told us the story while ordering another pair.

Hexagonal Tapes  --   HexTapes

A new product just available designed to relax muscle trigger points for shoulders, toes. joints and knuckles.  Removes varicose veins  stops Gout pain.  Small self adhesive tapes about the size of a dime.  A package of five sheets with 23 HexTapes on each page for only 20.00 (Read This).  These Tapes are amazing.

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We have excellent comments from customers using the HexTapes for muscle trigger points.

                    HexTape Sheet

30 Day Guarantee

The most advanced sports wrap available, take a peek

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Leg Aches
Anti-Leg Ache

Leg Swelling Relief

Knee Aches Relief


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Hip Aches Relief - Hip Ache

Hamstring Aches

Pain and Swelling

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Ankle Aches Relief - Ankle Ache
Achilles Aches

Ankle Swelling



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Shoulder Aches
Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Swelling



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Shin Aches
Anti-Shin Ache

Shin Swelling Relief

Shin Aches Relief


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Neck Aches - Neck Ache
Neck Pain

Neck Swelling














Goode Wraps

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We do not keep credit card numbers in our data base and all paper orders are shredded after three months.  All customer information is stored off-line.  Hackers


Goode Wraps are not intended for sole treatment of injury or disease. Consult a physician for treatment of any pain or inflammation that is severe or that lasts for more than a few days.


Leg Aches, Knee Aches, Shin Aches, Ankle Aches, Hip Aches, Back Aches, Neck Aches


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