Testimonials About HexTapes

These Tapes are Amazing

Phone call:    "I want to order a package of your hextapes.  I bought a pair of compression shorts a month ago and you sent a sample of hextapes with them.  I play the piano and my thumb developed a pain so sever I could no longer play classical music.  The doctor told me it was old age and I was probably getting arthritis.   One day I put a tape on my thumb at the bottom where the hand creases.  I started to play the piano and within half an hour my thumb stopped hurting.  The next morning while taking a bath the tape fell off.  Later that evening I went to the piano and my thumb was hurting.   I put another tape on and within a few minutes my thumb was fine.  I can now play classical music again.  I can’t believe it.   Jim 


Message on the answering machine:   "Donald this is Jean (an acupuncturist).  I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the HexTapes.  Yesterday I had one patient with a wrist pain, she is an  artist.   I put a tape on her wrist and before she left my office the pain had stopped.   An other patient had a rotator cup pain.  I put four tapes on his shoulder and he too had pain relief before he left my office."  I am amazed.


Phone Call:   "Send me three more packages of those HexTapes.  You told me they work for everything, even mosquito bites.  I took the wife and kids to Puerto Rico for a golf holiday.  The mosquitoes were terrible.  I had some Hextapes and used them on all of us.  You cannot believe the relief we got.  What a product."     Vince


Phone Call:  "I burned my hand reaching in the oven the other day.  It was not a big burn but it really hurt.  I could not find anything to put on it so I put three of you little tapes across the burn.  The stinging stopped so I went about my business.  The next morning I decided to look at the burn.  I was hesitant because I though the tapes might pull the blister off.   When I peeled back the tapes there was no blister and the skin was slightly pink.   I know I should have had a blister because it hurt so much.  I had to call you tell you my experience."   Shirley.


A Friend - "I had to come by and tell you my story.  Jim H. and I were hunting chucker up in Humboldt County.  We had my trailer and the second night I got terrible pain in my big toe. It hurt so bad I could not walk.  I remembered W. had given me some of those little tapes before we left last week.  I crawled out of bed, literally, and crawled cross the floor and got my trousers with the tapes in them.  I put two or three tapes on my big toe and crawled back to bed.  I could not believe it.  Within a half hour or so the toe was feeling better and I could walk.  I went back to bed and by morning the swelling had gone down.  My toe still hurt a little but I was able to hunt that day".   Jack L.


Email from Jim a famous author - "I've already used the sticky pads on my knuckles (a bit of arthritis makes them painful this time of year):  literally remarkably less achy within moments of putting them on.  Amazing."