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This premium instant green tea is perfect for drinking hot or iced.It is grown in the renowned Shizuoka Prefecture tea-growing district of Japan.

Asians have believed in the health benefits of green tea for generations.

Recently Westerners have begun switching to green tea as they become health conscious.

SOTA Instant Japanese Green Tea is the next step in the evolution of this centuries old drink.

With regular brewed teas, you throw away nutrients with the tea leaves or in the tea bag.

The finely ground leaves in SOTA Instant Japanese Green Tea mix into the drink, and you get all the benefits.

Dr. Atkins in Age-Defying Diet Revolution

I think the most promising areas of green tea research right now is in treating arthritis. The antioxidant power of the green tea's polyphenols blocks the pathway of the Cox-2 enzyme, which is a major cause of the inflammation and pain of arthritis. The polyphenols work in very much the same way as the new, heavily advertised antiarthritis drugs such as CelebrexR, except that the tea doesn't have the side effects--or a high cost.

Tea also has a strong antibacterial effect. Drinking a cup of tea after a meal helps prevent cavities and gum disease because the polyphenols kill the bacteria that cause these diseases. We know from other research that there's a high correlation between gum disease and heart disease. Could that be one reason for the lower heart risk among tea drinkers?


1. Heat water to almost boiling.
2. Shake contents of one SOTA Instant Japanese Green Tea foil package into your cup.
3. Pour the water over the tea and mix well with a spoon.
4. Breathe in the full, rich aroma of the tea as you take your first sip.


1. Pour the contents of one SOTA Instant Japanese Green Tea foil package into your cup.
2. Pour cold water into the cup and mix well.
3. Add ice cubes as needed.
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