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Polyphenols are a rich source of the catechins EGCG, EGC, ECG, and EC, which are powerful antioxidants in the body.  They are important in fighting free radicals -

The low rate of certain health problems in Japan is linked to the consumption of green tea. Green tea polyphenols may inhibit the formation of cell-damaging nitrosiamines, Diets high in protein are believed to increase the formation of nitrosiamines.  Therefore, green tea may be important to develop a well balanced nutrition diet.


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Dr Richard Harvey, director of research at the Alzheimer's Society, commented:

"This paper is just one example of the varied nature of benefits research into the causes, cure and care of dementia taking place around the world. I am pleased that Quality Research in Dementia has provided a suitable forum for its first hearing".

21 Nov 2000  

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Japanese green tea in Japan

Green tea from Japan not only tastes different from Chinese it is processed in a different manner.  The main benefits are the differences in the first step which is aimed at stopping oxidation.  The Chinese teas are roasted over fire and Japanese teas are steamed . This process gives the Japanese green tea a very delicate and delightful flavor. Some of the lower grades may be bitter. Sencha is one of the exquisite teas with a very delicate taste and aroma. In good quality tea the most important factor is processing - less steaming means retention of flavor, aroma and nutrients.  The preparation of the Nano instant tea powder captured in a foil pack is done in a delicate manner to maintain freshness in the essence of the green tea leaves.  Japanese green tea tradition dates back many centuries and is a ceremony to bring you back to nature.


Age-Defying Diet Revolution -- Dr. Atkins in

The benefits of the antioxidant Bycle.gif (2370 bytes)power of the green tea's polyphenols blocks the pathway of the Cox-2 enzyme, which is a major cause of the inflammation and pain of arthritis. The polyphenols work in very much the same way as the new, heavily advertised antiarthritis drugs such as CelebrexR, except that the tea doesn't have the side effects--or a high cost.

Drinking a cup of tea after a meal helps prevent cavities and gum disease because the polyphenols kill the bacteria that cause these diseases. Tea also has a strong antibacterial benefits. We know from other research that there's a high correlation between gum disease and heart disease. Could that be one reason for the lower heart risk among tea drinkers?


Dr. Andrew Weil's Self Healing

Question to Dr. Weil--- What's your opinion of "green drinks" such as wheat-grass juice and alfalfa juice?

I'm not a fan of these drinks.  Actually, my preferred green drink is green tea, which has many demonstrated health benefits--from reducing risk of cancer and heart disease to helping fight cavities.


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40 individual foil wrapped servings for only $12.95


Heat water to almost boiling.
Shake contents of one SOTA Instant Japanese Green Tea foil wrap into your cup.
Pour the water over the tea and mix well with a spoon.
Breathe in the full, rich aroma of the tea as you take your first sip


Pour the contents of one SOTA Instant Japanese Green Tea foil package into your cup.
Pour almost boiling water into the cup and mix well.   Add ice cubes as needed.


Italian Froth

1. Pour the contents of one SOTA foil package into a mixer.
2. Add 1/2 cup crushed ice and One cup nonfat milk.
3. Mix to a froth in Zen Buddhist tradition.

Bon Appetit

40 individual foil wrapped servings for only 12.95

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