Pulled Hamstring Injury Treatment
 Hamstring Pull .. Hamstring Pain Injury

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Goode Wraps Treatment for Pulled Hamstring Injury --  Relieves Pain, Swelling and Stiffness by Relaxing Muscles.

"My orthopedic surgeon told me it would take three to four months before I could play pulled hamstring  pullbasketball again after I tore the belly of my hamstring muscle.   I had terrible pain for a week so I looked up your compression shorts for pulled hamstring on the Internet.  When I got them, I immediately put them on and wore them continually for three weeks.  The shorts have been wonderful and I plan to play golf today.  I want to order an ankle wrap for my Achilles Tendon and an elbow wrap for my wife.  I am so pleased with your pulled hamstring product.  Neil W."

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Pulled Hamstring Injury.. Hamstring Pull  Osteitis Pubis Relief With Goode Wraps  Power Compressing Shorts 

Basketball Pulled Hamstring Football Pulled Groin - Pull Tennis - Pulled Groin

Hockey Hamstring Pull 


Telephone call --- "I want to order a knee wrap for overnight shipment.  My son is a football player and he got a pair of your compression shorts for a pulled hamstring compression shortspulled hamstring two  weeks ago.  It was pretty bad and the inside of his leg was a yellow-gray.  He got the shorts on Monday, did not practice Tuesday or Wednesday and went to a walk-through on Thursday.  Friday night he said he felt good and wanted to play.  The coach and I felt he was lying to us and just wanted to play.  You cannot believe it, he got 187 yards and three touchdowns.  I was skeptical about your shorts when I ordered them but they made a believer out of me.  Then last Friday night in the first quarter a helmet smashed into the side of his knee.  We had it X-rayed and it was not broken but all black and blue.  I want to get a knee wrap as soon as possible."  Norm B.




Pulled hamstring pull hip injury pulled injury hamstring pull pain pull injury strain groin injury hamstring hurts strain stress   

"I received my compression shorts this morning and already my pulled hamstring is feeling better.  I am 63 years old and feel like I am falling apart.  My pulled hamstring was sore, my pulled groin is painful, my knees hurt and my ankles swell.  What a mess.  I want to order two knee wraps since the compression shorts are so fantastic, for both my pulled  hamstring and pulled groin."

What are Goode Wraps and how can they help something like a pulled hamstring?

They are sports wraps, compression shorts, shirts and self-adhesive tapes.  The sports wraps are impregnated with natural rare earth semiconductors.  The process is unique and  relaxes muscles to relieve tendon stress.  The rare earth semiconductors absorb the excess electricity such as in a pulled Hamstring and Groin in the body.  The reduction of electricity relaxes muscles and stress on the tendons and relieves pain, swelling and stiffness.


Mother of a high school basketball player. 

�She doesn't need the ace bandage for normal activities and sleeping so you're recommendations to use a 4" Ace bandage below the knee during competition, makes sense. 

The hextapes behind the knee should stay on better too, with the knee wrap.  She wears the shorts for the pulled hamstring a lot of the time and hasn't complained of ANY pain or stiffness after a practice or game.  That's good news because we're trying to prevent reinjury.   

My thought for getting the knee wrap as well, was to protect that tender spot behind the knee that the shorts doesn't cover and place the hextapes on first then the knee wrap and finally your recommendation with the ace bandage.  She should be fairly protected and have decent movement.  Usually after practice or games she comes home and ices for extra measure.  It's amazing, that she is never stiff when she wakes up in the morning from all that running and jumping.   

If you don't mind, I will keep you posted on how her body responds to the compression shorts and knee wrap with hextapes.  If everything goes well with her team, they could be playing through the second week in March.  Tonight is the first game in district playoffs and she is anxious to give it all because she has been out since Jan 2 and only recently had been playing in the last 4 games but not very much.  Your compression shorts gave her less and less pain so that she could gradually do more and more at practice�. 

Thanks so much !!!    Denise 


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We have three active IronMan triathlon athletics wearing our power compression shorts to prevent fatigue and injury.

"I purchased a pair of compression shorts last year because of pain from a severely pulled hamstring injury.  I have worn them everyday that I play football or baseball.  They have greatly reduced my pain and are extremely comfortable.  I am ordering new ones today to last me through the next season.  Thank you GOODE WRAPS".
from T. C., Huntington Beach, CA


“My 74 years old father has played tennis competitively forever.  He got a bronze metal last year as a result of the pain he had from his pulled groin.  My father won the gold metal at the seniors this year.  He is nationally ranked.  The pain he's had for over a year from this groin pull has kept him from competing to his potential.  I ordered your shirt, for myself, about a week before my parents were coming for a visit.  I was suffering from back and shoulder  pain and I was willing to try your product.   I was so happy and excited that it worked for me so I told my dad about it.  You sent a sample of the "Hex tapes" enclosed with the shirt.   I let my dad have the Hex tapes and told him to put them where it hurts.   He did and we watched a totally different man play tennis the next day.  He was truly amazing and his pulled hamstring did not hurt.  Needless to say, we ordered the shorts for him that day and he has been wearing them full time.  He can now move and jump without pain, is fast enough to play singles again and is capable of winning.  Thank you for your great service, your great product and your concern about our results."
Sincerely, Carolyn  comfort

Children, Men and Women


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Provide support for hamstring hip muscles injuries, pulled hamstringsgroin injurt froin pull compressiion shorts for hamstring pulls

Goode Wraps reduce groin injury, pulled hamstring, hip pain, swelling and stiffness

Email received

Thank you so much.  I ordered my second pair of compression shorts, just now.  I've had a problem with my upper leg and hip for months.  Finally, I went to my doctor who diagnosed it as a pulled hamstring and suggested physical therapy.   Instead, I ordered your shorts rather than go through all that.   Wearing your product for a short period of time made it possible to run again without pain.  I can call them my magic shorts.  I don�t know if this is a placebo effect or if Goode Wraps actually work.  What’s more, I shouldn't care.  My leg is almost 100% now.  This is unbelievable.

 Sincerely,  Peter K.



No Chemicals, Magnets or Drugs

Goode Wraps have the most advanced compression shorts available, anywhere Pulled Hamstring Injury Treatment
 Hamstring Pull .. Hip Pain Injury

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Power Compression Shorts

Groin Pull, Pulled Hamstring, Lower Back Pain, Hip Pain, Adductor Stress
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Men, Women and Children

We start with custom made compression shorts the best on the market today, Power Compression Shorts --45% Lycra  and 55% Nylon (no rubber, elastic or neoprene to irritate).  Then we add Goode Wraps semiconductor technology to make a premium product for the relief of pain in the groin, hamstring, quadriceps, hips, thighs, sciatica or lower back.  To Order, Use the secure order form at

Questions, please email rojo200@aol.com

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Compression shorts

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Additional Benefits from Power Compression Shorts
Improve Athletic Ability and Reduce Injury

It has been proven throughout the research at Penn State Center for Sports Medicine that garments engineered to meet DuPont Lycra Power® Compression Shorts standards ensure a competitive edge.  Research at Ball State concluded:  Through various mechanisms, these findings may translate into an effect on athletic performance and reduction of injury.  Pilot studies show Goode Wraps Power Compression Shorts with  external application of semiconductors may have a 5% additional positive effect on motor performance (kicking a foot ball and standing high jump).

LA Times - Some say compression garments can enhance performance by improving the body's awareness of motion

We have had only one person tell us he re-injured himself while wearing our shorts, he was a sprinter who pulled a quadriceps muscle, and he told us the story while ordering another pair.

Hexagonal Self-adhesive Tapes  --   HexTapes

A new product just available designed for trigger points or hard to reach muscles, gout  toes, heels, foot and finger knuckles.  Reduces varicose vein symptoms.  Small self adhesive tapes about the size of a dime.  A package of five sheets with 23 HexTapes on each page for only 20.00  ( Read This).  These Tapes are amazing.                                                                                             


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Hextapes pain swelling

We have excellent comments from clients using the HexTapes for muscle trigger points.


                      HexTape Sheet


Goode Wraps have proven they relieve pain and swelling from pulled hamstrings and groin.  Our double-blinded research studies show improved muscle relaxation that results in enhancing athletic ability and reduction in pain, swelling and inflammation.  Goode Wraps have the perfect answer to sports related injuries as well as help for Seniors related injuries and general health.

Compression shorts indicate improvement in athletic ability in pilot study.


The most advanced sports wraps available, take a peek.

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Goode Wraps impregnated with rare-earth semiconductors give you

                            Quality Compression Shorts 

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Goode Wraps Relieve Pulled Hamstring Injuries, Groin Injuries, Hip Injuries, Pain, Swelling and Stiffness by Relaxing Muscles


Studies commissioned by Goode Wraps at five major US universities-, Reno, Nevada

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Pulled Hamstring Injury Treatment
 Hamstring Pull .. Hamstring Pain Injury