Goode Wraps reduce Baseball Pitcher's ( Pitchers ) Shoulder pain, sore arm swelling and stiffness


Relaxing Muscles to reduce stress on the Tendons.

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Have you ever had a sore elbow from throwing curve balls ?  See our long sleeve compression  shirts with elbow and biceps patterns

Improve Athletic Ability and Reduce Muscle Fatigue

The power compression shorts and compression shirts are embedded with rare-earth semiconductors silk-screened to the quality fabric.  This application significantly reduce the muscle vibration and enhances the efficiency of the proprioceptors.   Athletic improvement has been demonstrated by studies from Ball State, Penn State and Colorado State. The result is less fatigue and improved communication between the muscles.  The proprioceptors give the brain information about what is happening with muscles in space. 

Note:  We have never had a customer re-injure themselves while wearing our compression shirts.  Knock-on-wood.  in,



Last year I purchased a pair of compression shorts because of pain from a severed hamstring and have worn them everyday that I play baseball or football.  I want to tell you they have greatly reduced my pain and are extremely comfortable.  Today I am ordering another pair to last me through the next season.  Thank you GOODE WRAPS.

from T. C.

Pain Study Varsity Athletes
Pitcher's Sore Arm - Pole Vaulter's Shin Splints

Excerpts from Pain Study being prepared for publication by a large Western University


A group of 32 injury victims were selected from two locations. One a pain clinic where the injuries ranged Baseball2.gif (2599 bytes)from sports trauma to falls, and too "old injuries acting up." The other location was an athletic training center at a large Western University during basketball, volleyball, and baseball  seasons. The injuries involved were strains, sprains, and trauma from falls, etc. There were no broken bones or deep cuts. The subjects were randomly assigned to two groups, red or blue. All subjects were required to sign a consent form in order to join the study, however, neither the subject nor the trainer/nurse/physician knew whether red or blue was experimental or control. Each subject was asked—and agreed—not to ingest any type of analgesic or other pain medication nor obtain any other methods of treatment for their injury while participating in this study.

Results - the perceived levels of pain were calculated by subtracting the perceived level at each reporting time from the original perception:

Thirty minutes - all control group subjects felt worse or no change. 31% of the treatment groups felt somewhat better. Significance of .024.

Two hours - control group subjects continued to feel worse or the same. 56% of treatment group felt significant improvement. Significance is .003.

24 hours - 25% of control had some improvement. 63% of treatment group had significant improvement.

Three days - 30% of control group had slight improvement. 88% of treatment group had moderate to great improvement.

Seven days - 33% of control group subjects had again slight improvement. 91% of treatment group subjects had great to total improvement. Significance is .004.

The key to Goode Wraps is the rare-earth semi-conductor used in the patented massage cones

Complete Product Information, Clinical Studies, Testimonials

Athletic Improvement Clinical Studies

Large Midwest University

Two primary observations were made of athletes wearing Goode Wraps compared to placebo wraps. One involved a standing vertical jump and the other place kicking a football. Two motor tasks, vertical jumping and kicking, with two different athletes were investigated.

A NAC 400 High Speed Video Recording System was utilized to record ten kicks and jumps. In addition, the vertical jump was measured with a Kistler force plate. Each was tested 5 times with/and without the semiconductor imbedded wraps. The results for both were digitized utilizing an Ariel Performance Analysis System (ASPAS).

The vertical jumper wore ankle wraps, knee wraps and compression shorts. The kicker wore knee wraps.

The vertical jump results showed average jump height, vertical take-off velocity and vertical push-off impulse to be greater in the semiconductor jumps. Comparison of the best semiconductor and best control jumps revealed larger vertical impulse—resulting in larger vertical take-off velocity and jump height for the semiconductor jump. The kicking results showed that maximum ball velocity, knee joint angular velocity, and thigh and shank angular velocities at contact were larger in the semiconductor kicks.

Paired t-test, however, showed that the differences between the two conditions were not statistically significant (p<.05). although no significant performance improvement was found, trends in the data suggest that external application of semiconductors may have a positive effect on motor performance. it is recommended that a larger study be undertaken to further illuminate the subject.

 hurts, tendonitis, t

Goode Wraps are simple to use, just slip one on, and it begins to work

The most advanced sports wrap available, take a peek

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Baseball Knee Pain Wraps / Tendinitis, Chondromalacia, Osgood Schlatter

REGULAR Knee Pain Wrap
This tube wrap pulls on over your foot up to your knee.  This can also be used as a Regular Leg Warmer or Shin Wrap.  To use this wrap, the circumference of your leg at both the knee cap and calf should be 15-to-18 inches.
$45.00 each  

Photo of Large Knee WrapLARGE Knee Pain Wrap
This tube also pulls on over your foot up to your knee.  It can also be used as a Large Leg Warmer or Large Shin Wrap.  This wrap will fit you if the circumference of your leg at both the knee cap and calf is 18-to-23 inches.
50.00 each 

Baseball Pitcher's Sore Arm Compression Shirt  Arm  Pain  / Tendinitis / Shoulder Biceps Elbow

Power Compression Shirt

Sleep Shirt / Night Shirt /  Undershirt - Shoulder, Rotator Cuff - Upper Back Pain

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100% Quality Cotton Shirt

This heavy duty T-shirt gives coverage for hard-to-reach places on the shoulders, upper back, down the spine and across the kidney area.  They are designed for sleeping to relieve pain, stiffness, swelling and muscle cramps or spasms. 

The order form lists men's sizes; women's equivalents are one size smaller i.e  a womens large would be a man's medium.

100.00 each 


Back Spasms Muscle Spasms Muscle Cramps
Rotator Cup/Cuff - Upper Back Pain 

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Power Compression Shirts

Short Sleeve 25% Lycra 75% Nylon Power Compression Shirt

The shirt is designed for tight compression  It is used for active sports participation.  It has the same semiconductor pattern as the cotton shirt.  We recommend you do not overstate your size to get the compression most people expect.  The order form lists men's sizes; women's equivalents are one size smaller i.e. a women's large would be a man's medium.
  100.00 each 

Long Sleeve Power Compression Shirt - Designed for Quarterbacks and Pitchers

We have a new product, a Long Sleeve Power Compression Shirt, for Football Quarterbacks and Baseball Pitchers. This shirt was designed by a quarterback who had suffered a shoulder injury and a sore elbow two weeks before a bowl game.  Wearing our long sleeve shirt, he was forced into the bowl game in the 4th quarter when the starting quarterback was hurt.   He did not have a chance to warm-up but eventually threw the winning touchdown.  He told us after the game,  "I went running into the game knowing we were behind and I would have to throw.  I had been standing on the sideline all night but my muscles felt relaxed."

The shirt has the same pattern as the short sleeve shirts except for an additional pattern over the biceps and the elbow on both arms.
100.00 Each

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30 Day Guarantee Return


Email received

thank you.  i just received my second pair or compression shorts.  i had a problem with my upper leg for months.  i finally went to my doctor who diagnosed it as a groin pull and suggested physical therapy.  rather than go through that i ordered your shorts. after wearing you product for a short period of time i was able to run again without pain.  i call them magic shorts. I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect or if the thing actually works.  what’s more, i don’t care.  my leg is almost 100% now.  unbelievable. 


peter k.


I received my compression shorts and can’t believe how much better my hip and groin feel within a few minutes after wearing them.  I haven’t run in them yet as I’m trying to give my muscles a few days of rest to help speed up recovery.  I will probably try them out tomorrow.  I am a distance runner and have been suffering from piriformis syndrome which results in sciatic pain and has brought back what was diagnosed a of couple of years ago as osteitis pubis.   Thanks for what so far seems to be great product. 



Subject: not so satisfied with compression shorts  Sat, 24 Aug 2002

"My son received your shorts yesterday and wore them to bed last night and wore them today and wore them tonight for his first Football2.gif (2304 bytes)scrimmage in football, ten minutes into this he had to be taken out because he had pain. I feel like I just lost $l25.00. Debi "

 Subject: Brian’s story  Fri, 6 Sep 2002

"My son, Brian is now pain free and played a great game as middle linebacker for his varsity team.  He is a junior and is counting on a div I scholarship to college.  We were worried about this injury (hamstring) as you can see for a very good reason.  He is going for therapy and wearing the shorts a great deal of the time, so I am happy to say he is feeling great and the 10 days you suggested was a great idea, Thanks again, Debi "


Compression Shorts

Compression Shorts Price

Power Compression Shorts

Groin Pull, Pulled Hamstring, Lower Back Pain, Hip Pain, Adductor Stress
Quadriceps Pull Sciatica Pain

Men, Women and Children

We start with custom made compression shorts the best on the market today, Power Compression Shorts --45% Lycra  and 55% Nylon (no rubber, elastic or neoprene to irritate).  Then we add Goode Wraps semiconductor technology to make a premium product for the relief of pain in the groin, hamstring, quadriceps, hips, thighs, sciatica or lower back.  To Order, Use the secure order form at

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We need your waist size in inches.    30 day money back guarantee.  

You Will Not Be Disappointed
125.00 Each

Compression shorts

Basketball Baseball Volleyball Hockey Soccer Softball Gymnastics Golf Swimming Jogging Bowling Cycling Running Football Skiing Tennis

Additional Benefits from Power Compression Shorts
Improve Athletic Ability and Reduce Injury

It has been proven throughout the research at Penn State Center for Sports Medicine that garments engineered to meet DuPont Lycra Power® Compression Shorts standards ensure a competitive edge.  Research at Ball State concluded:  Through various mechanisms, these findings may translate into an effect on athletic performance and reduction of injury.  Pilot studies show Goode Wraps Power Compression Shorts with  external application of semiconductors may have a 5% additional positive effect on motor performance (kicking a foot ball and standing high jump).

LA Times - Some say compression garments can enhance performance by improving the body's awareness of motion

We have had only one person tell us he re-injured himself while wearing our shorts, he was a sprinter who pulled a quadriceps muscle, and he told us the story while ordering another pair.

Hexagonal Self-adhesive Tapes  --   HexTapes

A new product just available designed for trigger points or hard to reach muscles, gout  toes, heels, foot and finger knuckles.  Reduces varicose vein symptoms.  Small self adhesive tapes about the size of a dime.  A package of five sheets with 23 HexTapes on each page for only 20.00  ( Read This).  These Tapes are amazing.                                                                                             


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Hextapes pain swelling

We have excellent comments from clients using the HexTapes for muscle trigger points.


                      HexTape Sheet

ACL Surgery

Jennifer D, recovering from surgery, posting to WWWBoard.
"Well, I have been using my knee wrap for several days now and I definitely feel better. Less stiffness and pain after sitting for long periods. I wear it to sleep and during the day if possible. I expect to wear it to sleep until my knee feels just like my other knee. I would definitely endorse this product.
Bob Willmot, Engineer and Investment Banker
"As you’ve probably already seen I’m recovering from bilateral reconstruction of both knees. Needless to say my knees have been a bit annoyed by having their middle third cut out. I’ve found a great product that has eliminated my pain. They do have University Research reports on-line, but being an engineer I figured I’d do my own research. I used the wrap on my right knee and left my left knee as the control group. I’ve been doing this for a little over a week and my right knee feels dramatically better (no more stiffness in the morning, or pain when I sit for long periods). The result of my extensive:) research: I’m going to get another wrap for my other knee.

Pilot Study for Delayed Onset Syndrome in Quadriceps


After 24-48 hours, the subjects rated intensity of soreness on a scale from 0-10.  The authors' preliminary reports supported the effectiveness of Goode Wraps in reduction of muscle pain compared to the placebo group.


Enweneka et al. (1997) conducted a pilot research study with five subjects to determine the effects of Goode Wraps on the performance of normal and sore quadriceps muscle groups.  One portion of the study measured the pain experience in this muscle group related to muscle soreness resulting from overuse.  The researchers applied cones and identical placebo with adhesive patches to these muscles.    Induction of muscle soreness in the dominant leg occurred by stepping up on an aerobic step that was 110% of the lower leg length while carrying an additional load of 10-15% of body weight.  The procedure was repeated for up to 10 minutes or until the subjects were unable/unwilling to continue exercising.  After 24-48 hours, the subjects rated intensity of soreness on a scale from 0-10.  The authors' preliminary reports supported the effectiveness of Goode Wraps in reduction of muscle pain compared to the placebo group.

See the Goode Wraps Home Page for university research and user testimonials.

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Goode Wraps are not intended for sole treatment of injury or disease. Consult a physician for treatment of any pain or inflammation that is severe or that lasts for more than a few days.









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