Gout - Goode Wraps reduce gout pain, toe swelling and heel stiffness by Relaxing Muscles and Tendons

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Gout = Toe Pain  Heel Pain  Knuckle Joint Pain


Gout andarthritis eaual toe pain from osteoarthritis that results gout with research and study from knuckle and stiff joints or heel ,joint pain,

Gout affects 2.1 million Americans; most are men 40 to 50 years of age.  The most common symptom of gout is sudden, severe attacks of pain and swelling in some joints. It usually affects one joint at a time, especially the joint of the big toe, but can also affect the knee, ankle, foot, hand, wrist and elbow.

Although known as the big misery, gout has been studied for years.  Some control is now available through the use of drugs but others find drugs to be a problem also.  Goode Wraps has developed an ankle wrap and self adhesive tapes that many find very effective. 

"supporting the hypothesis of a significant decrease in reported pain of subjects receiving treatment of topically applied Goode Wraps HexTapes as compared to subjects receiving placebo therapy".

Gout is a condition recognized by irate crystals in the joints or tissues.  The descriptions of gout include  asymptomatic hyperuricemia, acute gouty arthritis, intercritical gout and chronic tophaceous gout.



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I am an Internet marketer and can usually detect sites that are less than honest.    Although your products are expensive and I have no idea what a Rare Earth Semi-conductor is, I decided to try your product because your claims rang true to me.  I was searching for a product that could help me with my swollen and painful feet.   I just received my order yesterday and the improvement is remarkable.  I was able to wear shoes today that would not go on yesterday and the pain is very much improved.  The fact you can treat gout is amazing.

Thank you."

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What are Goode Wraps?

They are elasticized compression shorts or sports wraps.  Each of these is impregnated with a unique blend of natural rare earth semiconductors.  Goode Wraps are available for the hip, groin, foot, ankle, knee, elbows, and wrist.  In fact, the semiconductors can be added to almost any cloth like material. 


What are they used for?

Primarily to control pain, swelling and stiffness.  They are ideal for tired aching muscles or joints from sporting activity, exercise and repetitive stress injuries.  The Goode Wraps help the muscles regain strength and prevent or lessen the sharp pain in joints from tendon stress


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Ankle Gout Wraps/ Toe Pain, Heel Pain, Joint Pain
 Foot Pain Osteoarthritis

Photo of Ankle WrapONE SIZE FITS ALL (or most!)
This tube wrap pulls on over your foot and ankle.  It has the toes and heel open so you can wear it with your own stockings.  The Ankle Wrap can also be used as a Small Knee Wrap or Small Elbow Wrap.  Just rotate the cut-out heel area away from the pain.
This wrap will fit if the circumference of you instep and ankle are both 7-to-13 inches.
45.00 each 

Perfect for the Big Toe

Hexagonal Tapes  --   HexTapes

A new product just available designed for muscle trigger points or hard to reach muscles, toes, heels, foot and finger knuckles (i.e. Gout).   Relieve symptoms of varicose veins.   Small self adhesive tapes about the size of a dime.  A package of five sheets with 23 HexTapes on each page for only 20.00  (Read This )    These Tapes are amazing.                                         


About the size of a dime

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Goode Wraps is the only  manufacturer in the United States

Goode Wraps reduce pain, swelling and stiffness by Relaxing Muscles and Tendons


Susan Pollock, Ph.D., RN, FAAH,    Principal Investigator

Deborah Osbourn, BSN, RN, LMT, FNPC   Investigator

November 1998

Texas Tech Graduate School for Nursing


A double-blind, placebo quasi-experimental design was used to study the effects of topically applied Goode Wraps Adhesive HexTapes on osteoarthritis pain of 47 adult subjects. Self-administration of the Short Form McGill Pain Questionnaire was used to measure pain prior to treatment, two hours after treatment, and two days after initiation of treatment. Orem’s Theory of Self-Care was the theoretical basis for this study.

T-test analyses of data demonstrated a moderate decrease in pain after two hours for both the HexTapes and placebo groups and a significant decrease in pain in only the HexTape group after two days of treatment, supporting the hypothesis of a significant decrease in reported pain (gout) of subjects receiving treatment of topically applied Goode Wraps HexTapes as compared to subjects receiving placebo therapy.

Implications for nursing practice, education, and research were included. Informed integration of alternative therapies, as well as mainstream therapies, is appropriate within the holistic-focused care and educative role of the NP and in the self-care role of the client in management of chronic disorders. Inclusion of alternative therapies in nursing education at the undergraduate and graduate/NP levels is recommended. This is consistent with recommendations by the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties and the Office of Alternative Medicine at the NIH. Further research is recommended with different populations, other sites of application, and to determine HexTape's mechanism of action., stiff joints, joint pain, bursitis, aches, stiffness

Purpose of the Study

            The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of topically applied inorganic semiconductors on pain experienced by osteoarthritis patients (gout)


Background and Significance of the Study

            Dambro (1996) defines osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis, as a chronic, progressive, degenerative joint disease. OA pathophysiology is progressive degeneration of articular cartilage, reactive overgrowth of bone with lipping and spur formation at the margins, and changes in synovial membrane.

            Genetically governed susceptibility to joint breakdown; inflammatory response within caused by release of prostaglandins and inflammatory lysozymes; stretched nerve endings in the periosteum; muscle spasm and joint instability leading to stretching of the joint capsule; or microfractures in the subchondral bone or medullary hypertension caused by distortion of blood flow are considered possible causes of the painful symptoms of osteoarthritis (Isselbacher et al., 1994; Rakel, 1995). Chronic pain of osteoarthritis is costly in dollars, personal suffering, decreased productivity, and quality of life (AF, 1996).

            Management of osteoarthritis focuses on symptom abatement, which often includes treatment and regulation by healthcare professionals. Symptom management is often unsatisfactory for osteoarthritis patients due to the subjectivity of the pain experience (Debock, Marwijk, Kaptein, & Mulder, 1994).  Currently accepted interventions include prescribed and over-the-counter medications, surgery, warm and cold applications, joint protection, exercise, and rest (Isselbacher et al., 1993).   

            Dissatisfaction with these interventions has led many osteoarthritis patients to seek other therapies that have not been proven effective in repeated scientific studies. Eisenberg et al. (1993) reported that one in three respondents used alternative therapies to treat problems such as arthritis pain, making more visits to alternative practitioners than to U.S. primary care physicians.

            The Arthritis Foundation divides alternative treatments, into three categories entitled harmless, harmful, and unknown safeness. Alternative treatments that are considered harmless are copper bracelets, mineral springs, vibrators, and vinegar and honey. Remedies reported to be harmful are Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO), large doses of vitamins, snake venom, and drugs with hidden ingredients such as steroids.

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Goode Wraps reduce gout pain, swelling and stiffness by Relaxing Muscles and Tendons

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Goode Wraps are not intended for sole treatment of injury or disease. Consult a physician for treatment of any pain or inflammation that is severe or that lasts for more than a few days.

These products have not been pre-cleared by FDA although applications have been filed and will be reviewed shortly based on promising scientific research. Only FDA can conclude that a medical device is safe and effective for an intended use.

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