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Muscle Relaxation Study

Goode Wraps

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Muscle relaxation study by a large Southwest University in relation to shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, Tendinitis, leg cramps, muscle cramps and back spasms.         


Once these standards were developed, the same procedures were followed only a massage cone was applied to the belly of the muscles. The results show that massage cone quickly allows the muscle to move to full flexibility.

Notes from the Researchers

The research has proven to be more difficult than anticipated primarily because there has never been any research, at least documented, concerning how muscles relax or why muscles become more flexible.

The research was performed on mice. Basically they measured the flexibility that would occur over a 20 minute period by moving the mouse leg back and forth during this time period. Numerous tests were performed at three different frequencies to establish the control. The charts show how the muscle resistance decreases over time. In other words, warming up your muscles moves them to maximum flexibility.

Once these standards were developed, the same procedures were followed only a massage cone was applied to the belly of the muscles. The results show that our product quickly allows the muscle to move to full flexibility.

In another test, the muscles were at full flexibility and then our product was applied. In these tests nothing happened.

The next stage of the study will be 1) To record nervous activity in dorsal roots of the spinal cord during static and dynamic stretch, and 2) To determine static and dynamic muscle stiffness with or without topical application following cutting of dorsal roots.

We have no idea how, or if, this muscle relaxation relates to the pain relief or the anti-inflammatory action noted in the other studies. However, it is possible pain may be relieved by relaxing muscles.

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Debbie (see Osteoarthritis Pain Study)

Just a quick note to let you know how much I have appreciated the use of the sleep shirt. When I got the shirt from you I was having what I would call severe pain across my shoulder blades that radiated all across my back and upper shoulders. When I would sit down at my desk or computer at work it would just aggravate it. I was taking Naproxen and alternating with Tylenol and Advil just to get some relief. When it hurts this bad I usually go to my massage therapist but I just didn’t have the time so when you offered the shirt I was ready to try anything. I will have to admit I was rather skeptical because I had been in you study and received the placebo patches and therefore had no relief from this product.

Surprisingly I slept very sound the first night. I usually toss and turn quite a bit during the night and end up on my stomach. I do not think I moved all night - woke up and had no back pain and felt quite refreshed for a good nights sleep. I was tempted to wear it to work because I thought it would help while there but didn’t because the shirt is quite thick and would show through my clothes. After I was there I wished I had - it did tighten up and was sore. I wore the shirt 4 nights in a row and very glad for it - by the fifth day I had stopped having the tightness and pain and not taking anymore pain relievers during the day. I’m not sure how the shirt works bit I did receive considerable relief while using it.

Brenda, RN, BSN

Additional research on anti-inflammatory action and pain commissioned by Goode Wraps at Research.  Products may be reviewed at Goode Wraps home page.


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These products have not been pre-cleared by FDA although applications have been prepared and will be reviewed shortly based on promising scientific research. Only FDA can conclude that a medical device is safe and effective for an intended use.








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