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Anti-Inflammatory Study - Inflammation

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Anti-inflammatory study by a large Southwest University

These data indicate that semiconductors are an active topical anti-inflammatory agent when impregnated on cloth or tape.

The researchers studied the anti-inflammatory action of the semiconductors on mice ears. The test was made with croton oil solution. In one test, the comparatives were no treatment, hydrocortisone, plain ink, ink with 375, 400 and 500 jg/ear. The other test used the tape pads.


Semiconductors when formulated as ink has anti-inflammatory activity. Approximately 500 jg/ear and 400 jg/ear of semiconductors has comparable anti-inflammatory activity to 200 jg of hydrocortisone. Approximately 375 jg/ear of semiconductors had very little activity at 6 hrs., indicating that the concentration of semiconductors is very critical and a small decrease in concentration can result in a change from high anti-inflammatory activity to almost not anti-inflammatory activity.

The same test was made using our semiconductors impregnated tape pads. The results were the same.

These data indicate that semiconductors are an active topical anti-inflammatory agent when impregnated on cloth or tape.

Additional research on pain, swelling, stiffness and muscle relaxation from the University of Kansas, Brigham Young University, Colorado State, University of Texas and Texas Tech can be found at Research.  Products tested may be reviewed at Goode Wraps home page.


These products have not been pre-cleared by FDA although applications have been prepared and will be reviewed shortly based on promising scientific research. Only FDA can conclude that a medical device is safe and effective for an intended use.

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