Achilles Tendinitis Tendon Pain

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( Tendonitis - Tendenitis Tendon Pain)

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Achilles Tendinitis - Tendon Pain

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Achilles Tendinitis is a condition wherein the Achilles Tendon, at or near its insertion to the posterior aspect of the calcaneus, becomes inflamed with Tendinitis and causes pain.  The Achilles tendon is one of the longest and strongest tendons in the body.  It is vascular and therefore slow to heal.  The Achilles Tendon is formed in the lower third of the posterior aspect of the tibia.  Two muscles join to form the Achilles tendon: The Gastro cnemius, which originates on the posterior aspect of the femur, and the Soleus, which originates on the posterior aspect of the upper third of the tibia. The Achilles tendon is an anti-pronator. Achilles Tendinitis is difficult to cure.

From basketball games to tennis matches, to track and field events, athletes depend on the ability of the ankle to control balance, vertical propulsion, and forward and lateral movement.  Surprisingly, ankle injuries are the most frequent sport-related injuries, accounting for an estimated 30% of all such injuries. They represent as high as 45% of all injuries in men's basketball, and 38% of injuries for women.   Achilles Tendinitis leads that list.

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Where is the Achilles Tendon?   What is Achilles Tendinitis (Tendonitis Tendenitis)?

 Damage due to Achilles Tendinitis (Tendinitis, Tendonitis) 

The heel bone (Calcaneus) can form a heel spur.  Slipping down steps can cause Acute Achilles Tendinitis.  Swelling and inflammation will produce acute pain that prevents you from lowering your heel.  Walking on the balls of your feet feels better but can worsen the injury and should be done carefully, lowering the foot slowly.  Goode Wraps Ankle Wrap is very helpful during your therapy to reduce pain and inflammation.  See our testimonials for our products to accelerate recovery for your Achilles Tendinitis.  

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Ankle Pain Wraps/ Achilles Tendinitis - Leg Rupture - Tendon Leg

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This tube wrap is made of extremely high quality material.  It pulls on over achilles tendinitis ankle wrapyour foot and ankle, a two way stretch.  The toes and heel are open so you can wear it with your own stockings.  The Ankle Wrap can also be used as a Small Knee Wrap or Small Elbow Wrap.  Just rotate the cutout heel area away from the pain.
This wrap will fit if the circumference of your instep or ankle are 7-to-13 inches.
45.00 each 

A new product just available designed for toes, arches, Achilles tendon and knuckles.  Small self adhesive tapes the size of a dime.  A package of five sheets with 23 HexTapes on each page for 20.00.. 


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Treatments for Achilles Tendinitis (Tendonitis, Tendenitis) 

.  Rest is foremost (difficult for those of us that need to continue to work!)   Slowly stretching the Achilles Tendon and Plantar Fasciitis before getting out of bed.  Wearing Goode Wraps while you sleep helps reduce the inflammation.  Working with your Physical Therapist and their many recommended Orthoses is indicated.  

Wear Instructions -- Goode Wraps Ankle Wrap is excellent to wear 24 hours a day as you work with your Health Professionals to recover from Achilles Tendinitis.  For the best results, you ROTATE --- Goode Wraps Ankle Wrap so the complete heel is covered and the opening (heel) is rotated to the top of your foot.  Complete coverage of the heel and Achilles tendon is imperative

Also, look for Goode Wraps Hexagonal Tapes to put on the actual spot of Achittes pain.  The same great technology you see on the Ankle wrap is in the adhesive of the Hexagonal Tape Bandage.  Put the Hexagonal (Hex) Tape on the skin and pull on the Goode Wraps Ankle Wrap over the toes making sure to rotate the hole to the top of the arch of the foot.  See Goode Wraps Testimonials from very satisfied customers over 17 years.  Pull your Gym socks (stockings) over the Goode Ankle Wrap and wear stable and supportive shoes.  No sandals and flip-flops.  Check out our testimonials to confirm---  Wearing Goode Wraps, full time (except when showering and laundering) for 10-14 days can accelerate your recovery.  Instead of the 6 weeks recovery, you could be back on the court in half that time.

Causes of Achilles Tendinitis (Tendonitis -Tendenitis) 

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Achilles Tendinitis (Tendinitis, Tendenitis) is a painful inflammatory condition usually caused by overuse.  It is slow to heal due to the poor blood supply.  Goode Wraps Ankle is very beneficial as you work with your sports injury specialist.  Click on Goode Wraps  Research button to find our Major University studies to reduce pain and inflammation.  Your Achilles Tendon will thank you. 

.   Overpronation -- your feet rolling inward can place increased strain on the Achilles    Tendon.  As the foot flattens, the lower leg rotates inwards, twisting the Achilles Tendon, stressing and twisting along its length.

.   Shoes with little arch support (don�t wear sandals, flip-flops or heeless shoes)

.   Jobs where you do a lot of walking on hard surfaces causes  Achilles Tendinitis (Tendenitis)

.   Switching from high heels to running shoes without stretching exercises before running can cause Achilles Tendinitis.

.  Long periods of weight bearing or sudden changes in activity.

                                             .  Weight gain..


There are several types of overuse injuries that may develop in the Achilles tendon.  This region, as a result of the repeated pounding from running can stress and tear.  Achilles Tendinitis or a pulled Achilles tendon have a common mechanism of development. Understanding the circumstances that lead to these injuries is the key to preventing them.

Excess training is the overall recurring theme that leads to overuse running injuries with inadequate recovery.  Excess and inadequate stretching must be judged against one’s usual training routine.  The more that excess and inadequate stretching deviate from the usual training routine the less time it takes for an overuse injury to develop.  Keeping this theme in mind one can now examine the specifics for how Achilles tendinitis develops.

Runner2.gif (2102 bytes)The mechanics of running shows a foot-strike, then a loading/energy transfer phase, and finally a push off  with the forefoot.  Each foot delivers a shockwave that travels up the leg.  This energy must be absorbed by the musculoskeletal system.  The harder the running surface the greater the shockwave.  Soft grass,
smooth dirt, asphalt, and concrete represent, in order of increasing “hardness”, the usual spectrum of commonly encountered running surfaces. Concrete is very hard on the body and training on this surface should be avoided.

Distance running shoes are specifically designed to provide padding and support for the biomechanics of endurance running.  They help absorb shock and facilitate efficient energy (motion) transfer.  Matching the type of running shoe to the athlete’s specific biomechanics and proper shoe fit are important.  Similarly, worn out shoes should be replaced early because of reduced shock absorbing capacity.  Runners with high rigid arches tend to experience greater pounding shock, whereas those with flat feet tend to experience greater fatigue of the muscles that support the foot -- and push-off.  Both tend to develop Achilles tendinitis.


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Symptoms of Achilles tendinitis, include pain along the tendon usually just above the heel, swelling at the Achilles tendon, pain at the beginning of a run which may get longer in duration or become intense enough to inhibit running altogether as the problem progresses.  Pain when going up stairs will alert you to a major setback.

Prevention --- Things to consider:

•Proper warm-up  

•Stretching - keeping the muscles and tendons flexible reduces the tension on the tendon.  

•Monitor footwear - replace shoes as they wear down, make sure they give good support.  Running shoes that have a broad base may be better because they offer more stability  

•Be aware of the extrinsic factors - be sure to increase your training gradually.  Don't do too much too soon.  Realistically, buy a Goode Wrap to relax the muscles and reduce stress on the tendons to relieve the Achilles Tendinitis.

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Do You Experience Ankle Pain?   

Our customers have enjoyed many years of wearing ankle wraps - they regain good posture and spinal balance because they no longer correct for foot pain.  The ankle wraps are made of a durable and resilient high quality fabric with two way stretch.  Goode Wraps have a long and satisfactory life expectancy.  Washer and Dryer are fine if you use cold water and delicate dry.   NO BLEACH.  The ankle wraps are worn by customers with ligament, muscle and tendons (tendinitis) foot pain.


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