After Surgery Knee Pain?

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Arthroscopic Orthopedic Surgery Knee Pain Relief

knee pain from arthoscopic or arthroscopic and orthopaedic surgery to reduce  pain swelling and stiffness ankle and knees

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Skiing ACL Surgery Testimonials

Bob W, Engineer and Investment Banker-Creator of Bob’s ACL WWWBoard on the Internet
"As you’ve probably already seen I’m recovering from a bilateral ACL reconstruction of Skiing2.gif (2026 bytes)both knees (patellar tendon auto-graphs) from multiple knee injury. Needless to say my tendons have been a bit annoyed by having their middle third cut out. I’ve found a great product that has eliminated my patellar tendon pain. They do have University Research reports on-line, but being an engineer I figured I’d do my own research. I used the wrap on my right knee and left my left knee as the control group. I’ve been doing this for a little over a week and my right patellar tendon feels dramatically better (no more stiffness in the morning, or pain when I sit for long periods). The result of my extensive:) research: I’m going to get another wrap for my other knee.


Jennifer D, recovering from ACL surgery, posting to Bob’s WWWBoard.
"Well, I have been using my wrap for several days now and I definitely feel better. Less stiffness and pain after sitting for long periods. I wear it to sleep and during the day if possible. I expect to wear it to sleep until my ACL knee injury feels just like my other knee. I would definitely endorse this product.

Complete Product Information, Clinical Studies, Testimonials

A Controlled Trial of Arthroscopic Surgery for Osteoarthritis of the Knee

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J. Bruce Moseley, M.D., Kimberly O'Malley, Ph.D., Nancy J. Petersen, Ph.D., Terri J. Menke, Ph.D., Baruch A. Brody, Ph.D., David H. Kuykendall, Ph.D., John C. Hollingsworth, Dr.P.H., Carol M. Ashton, M.D., M.P.H., and Nelda P. Wray, M.D., M.P.H.


Goode Wraps for the Knee, other orthopaedic products for Ankle, Leg, Back, Shin, Calf, Elbow, Wrist

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Goode Wraps Controlled Trials

The Goode Wraps product has proven effective in relieving pain, swelling and stiffness in muscles and joints. There have been no complaints about allergic reactions. The FDA laboratory in Seattle, Washington tested the product to see if any of the semiconductors were absorbed into the skin.  This test concluded the elements were not absorbed into the skin.

The Health Sciences Department or Medical Schools at five major universities have been involved in research.  A double blind pain study was conducted at a western university and the results stated, "Seven days- 33% of control group subjects had again slight improvement. 91% of the treatment group subjects had great to total improvement.  Significance is .004.”  An anti-inflammatory study by a southwest university concluded, "These data indicate that semiconductors are an active topical anti-inflammatory agent when impregnated on cloth or on tape.”  Another study by the same university summarized by stating, "There does not appear to be any consistent effect of the semiconductor patches on blood flow or local temperature in resting subjects (no increase edema).    A third study on muscle relaxation states, "In several experiments, we have been able to record a reduction of force through the motion cycle after the application of semiconductors over the bellies of the planar flexor muscles.  This effect occurs within very few minutes of application of semiconductors."

Two pilot studies with athletes wearing wraps at a rocky mountain university conclude, "Kicking results Football2.gif (2304 bytes)showed that maximum ball velocity, knee joints angular velocity, thigh and shank angular velocities at contact were larger in condition A (wearing Goode Wraps) than in condition B (wearing placebo wraps).  Vertical jump results showed average jump height, vertical take-off velocity and vertical push-off impulse to be greater in the semiconductor jumps."

An Osteoarthritis study at a nursing school concluded, “T-test analyses of data demonstrated a moderate decrease in pain after two hours for both the HexTapes and placebo groups and a significant decrease in pain in only the HexTape group after two days of treatment, supporting the hypothesis of a significant decrease in reported pain of subjects receiving treatment of topically applied Goode Wraps tapes as compared to subjects receiving placebo therapy.”

Controlled Trials for Arthroscopic Surgery
Osteoarthritis of the Knee
Surgery to Trim Cartilage in the Knee



The most advanced sports wrap available, take a peek

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Knee Surgery Pain Wraps

This tube wrap pulls on over your foot up to your knee.  This can also be used as a Regular Leg Warmer or Shin Wrap.  To use this wrap, the circumference of your leg at both the knee cap and calf should be 12-to-18 inches.
45.00 each  
Order Regular Knee Wrap

Photo of Large Knee WrapLARGE Knee Wrap
This tube also pulls on over your foot up to your knee.  It can also be used as a Large Leg Warmer or Large Shin Wrap.  This wrap will fit you if the circumference of your leg at both the knee cap and calf is 18-to-23 inches.
50.00 each  Order Large Knee Wrap

Ankle Surgery Pain Wraps

Photo of Ankle WrapONE SIZE FITS ALL (or most!)
This tube wrap pulls on over your foot and ankle.  It has the toes and heel open so you can wear it with your own stockings.  The Ankle Wrap can also be used as a Small Knee Wrap or Small Elbow Wrap.  Just rotate the cut-out heel area away from the pain.
This wrap will fit if the circumference of you instep and ankle are both 7-to-13 inches.
45.00 each 
Order Ankle Wrap

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Visit the home site (Goode Wraps) for more information or use the 1-888-972-7200. if not here leave a message. If you would like to read some of the research briefs, visit Research.

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Arthroscopic Orthopaedic Surgery Knee Pain Relief


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