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RUNNING INJURIES - Groin Pull Groin Pain Hamstring Pull Quadriceps Pull  Sciatic Pull Pulled Groin  Pulled Quadriceps Pulled Hamstring Pulled Sciatic Scyatic Ciatic and Rehabilitation 

PERFORMANCE - Every Female Marathon Runner, Triathlon Events or Extreme Sports Athlete should have a pair of Goode Wraps Power Compression Shorts for trials and events

Get great benefits when you also sleep in the shorts.  

"Up to 30% reduction in legs fatigue factor wearing power compression shorts" -- Penn State Center for Sports Medicine - Brief Below
Marathon Power compression shorts for men and women 

Women's Marathon Womens Running Triathlon Events - Female Runner
Power Compression Shorts and Shirts - Unique by Any Standard




Women's Compression Short

has a Seam down the center.  

Groin Pull, Hamstring Pull, Lower Back Pain
 Hip Pain, Adductor Stress
Quadriceps Pull Sciatica Pain



groin pull pulled groin hamstring pull quadriceps perfect for rehabilitation or prevention of injury

For Female Running, Triathlon Power Marathon Trials
Goode Wraps Women's Power Compression Shorts and Shirts

Softball Grain Pull Volleyball Pulled Groin  Soccer Quadriceps Pull Running Pulled Quadriceps Walking Sciatic Nerve Jogging Syatic Strain Gymnastics Ciatic  Pull Swimming Hamstring Pull  Bowling Pulled Hamstring

William Kraemer, Ph.D. an exercise physiologist at Pennsylvania State University Sports Medical Center ---  After five years of research, Kraemer found that wearing DuPont Power Compression Shorts, about double the Lycra of ordinary shorts, made for Goode Wraps by Stromgren Supports, increased power by up to 30 percent for female runners.

Goode Wraps, using revolutionary technology, has developed women's power compression shorts and compression shirts that are an ultra-breathable fiber that is surprisingly durable, yet delicate to the touch, with semiconductors actually fused into the fiber.  The Goode Wraps shorts and shirts regulate body temperature while offering the best moisture protection available  and the semi conductors provide a natural relaxant for muscles to reduce stress on tendons and ligaments.  This patented technology is unique to Goode Wraps Power Compression Shorts and Shirts which in effect are dual purpose products that are amazing --- relaxation plus pain relief!

Women’s compression shorts woman marathon trial women's marathon running female groin pull pulled groin Triathlon  running endurance fatigue quadriceps pull pulled hamstring Sciatic Systic Ciatic Nerve

 Goode Wraps Relax Muscles to reduce stress on the Tendons - Prevent Lactic Acid Build up during Women's Marathon Running and Conserve Energy


Triathlon Endurance Running Groin Pull Soccer Woman Groin Injury Basketball Groin Pain Baseball Pulled Groin Hamstring Pull Volleyball Pulled Hamstring Compression Shorts  Female womens compression shorts for marthon runnersMarathon Running Jumping Skiing Dancing Softball  Gymnastics Golf Swimming Jogging Runners Tennis

Power Compression Shorts Provide Enhanced Performance for Women's   (Womens ) Marathon Running


Studies from Penn State and Ball State both report athletic performance enhanced by wearing high quality compression shorts.  Additional studies at Colorado State  indicate Goode Wraps increased athletic ability an additional 5% wearing the Goode Wraps Poser Compression Shorts.

The particular enhancements were:

Reduces Muscle Fatigue / Vibrations
Maintains Energy Level  

Prevents Injury Groin Quadriceps Hamstring
Improves Proprioceptors Communication
Improves Force and Power Production
 Stops - Sciatic Static Ciatic


Pilot studies at Colorado State indicate the semiconductors silk-screen to the Goode Wraps Power Compression Shorts increase athletic mobility by an additional 5% and in addition, relaxed the muscles to reduce stress on tendons.

Goode wraps are guaranteed returnable within 30 days

Phone call:  “I want to order another pair of women's compression shorts.  I bought a pair in January 2002 and my daughter just loves them.  She had been suffering from a quadriceps pull from playing soccer.  She won’t practice or play without them.  Now that she is sixteen, I need to up size.  These are the best investment I have ever made.   Mary.”

 “Yes, my father won the gold metal at the seniors.  He got the bronze metal last year as a result of the pain he had from his groin pull.   It is surprising but my father is 74 years old, and plays tennis competitively.  He is ranked nationally.  He has had a groin pain for over a year now and it has kept him from competing.  I ordered your shirt before my parents arrived for a visit.  I was having shoulder and back pain.  It worked for me and I was so incredibly happy and excited that I told my dad about it.  I wanted to order the compression shorts so he could play in the local competition but did not have time. Goode Wraps sent a sample of the "dots" in with the shirt.   I gave the dot to my dad, and told him to "put them were it hurts" as your sample said.   He did and we watched a whole different man play tennis that next day.  He wore the dots and did not hurt.  It was truly amazing.  Needless to say we ordered the compression shorts for him that day and he has been wearing them ever since.  He is now extremely active and can move and jump without any groin pain and win.  Thank you for your great product. 
Sincerely,  Carol "

About the size of a dime
Five Sheets of 23 Tapes for $20.00
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Compression Shorts Can Also Relieve Fatigue and Enhance Performance

Hawaii 2005 Ironman Triathlon Participant
"Your compression shorts saved my ass".

The women's marathon running power compression shorts along with the rare-earth semiconductors significantly reduce the muscle vibration and relax the muscles.  The affect of both significantly enhance the efficiency of the proprioceptors responsible for sending signals to the brain.  The result is less fatigue and improved communication between the muscles, joints and tendons.

The quadriceps are a group of muscles ("quads")  made of four muscles along the front of the thigh.  They are attached to the tendon that encloses the kneecap and attaches to the top of the shin.  They work the knee joint and one of the muscles in the middle of the front of your thigh, also helps raise your thigh.  This muscle group can be plagued by Knots in the muscles of the hip and thigh from "myofascial trigger points."  Trigger points in these muscles can cause pain in your knee and all along the front and outside of your thigh, as far up as your pelvis.  Trigger points in quadriceps are one of the chief causes of knee pain in both children and adults.  Goode Wraps relax muscles to reduce stress on the tendon to eliminate trigger points.

Women's Marathon Running
    Triathlon Events Female Runners

Compression Shorts Womens

Women's Power Compression Shorts

Pulled Groin Pull, Pulled Hamstring Pull, Pulled Quadriceps Pull
Lower Back Pain, Hip Pain, Adductor Stress
Sciatica Nerve Pain Syatica

We have contracted with Stromgren Sports to custom make high quality power compression shorts. These are the best on the market today--45% Lycra  and 55% Nylon (no rubber, elastic or neoprene to irritate).  Then we fuse Goode Wraps rare-earth semiconductor technology to the power compression shorts. The premium product provides relief from pain in the groin, hamstring, quadriceps, hips, thighs, sciatica or lower back.   Please email rojo200@aol.com or use the secure order form at

 We need your waist size in inches
   30 day money back guarantee 

125.00 Each

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Power Compression Shorts Add an Additional Benefit
Improved Athletic Ability

The research at Penn State Center for Sports Medicine demonstrate that compression shorts engineered to meet high standards ensure a competitive athletic edge.  Research at Ball State stated the results translate into a positive effect on athletic performance and reduction of injury.  Goode Wraps pilot studies (kicking a foot ball and standing high jump) show their Power Compression Shorts with semiconductors produced a 5% additional positive effect on motor performance.

LA Times - Some say an wareness of motion by wearing compression garments can enhance athletic performance.


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30 Day Return Policy

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E-mails From Japan

Sports Medicine Research Center
Keio University, Yokohama, Japan

Dear Sir/Madam:

"I am a team physician of a high-school long distance marathon running team and interested in using Goode Wraps for my athletes, but I live in Japan.  Do you have a dealer in Japan or can you accept an international order from Japan?  Dr. K."

Goode Wraps Compression Shorts Manufacturer, Japan
Dr. K. is very interested in our products.  Also most students have a  good impression of Goode Wraps.  The biggest difference is fatigue, he said.  They get less tired with Goode Wraps.  He wants to know how it works.  The Dr. is going to give us a scientific and academic report in two or three months.


We have a standard power compression shorts printed with semi-conductiors that work for most women.  Ready to ship. Tell us your problem.  Groin, Hamstring, Hip, Sciatica, Quadriceps, Lower Back. 

Hours are Mon- Friday 9-4PM -- Overnight shipping Mon - Thurs.

Our representatives will return your call and explain the options (we need your waist size in inches).  In the mean time, visit the Goode Wraps home site for more information and research briefs.  

Do they work?  Read the Emails received unsolicited 



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30 Day Return Policy

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What are Goode Wraps, anyway? http://www.macrocap.com/home.htm

They are custom made power compression shorts with an additional exclusive  treatment of semiconductors fused to the fabric.  This technique is patented in Japan and used for sports products such as ankles, knees, elbows and wrists wraps.  Goode Wraps are available in the United States only through the Goode Wraps distributorship. 


                          No Magnets, Chemicals or Drugs

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For Female Running Power - Goode Wraps Power Compression Shorts Relax Muscles and Tendons - Marathon Running - Groin Pull - Hamstring Pull



Groin Pull Hamstring Pull Quadriceps Pull  Sciatic Pull
Pulled Groin  Pulled Quadriceps Pulled Hamstring Pulled Sciatic or Rehabilitation 

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