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Some technical reading if you are so inclined:

Principles of Casino Marketing ,  Jim Kilby, University of Nevada Las Vegas     Email


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If you do not believe training is important, think through this example---

Blackjack - Using 1.8 percent house advantage per hand times 65 hands per hour equals 1.17 average of all bets made per hour.  If a dealer miss-pays one average bet erroneously, it takes an hour to win the hand back (compliments of Jim Kilby, University of Nevada. Las Vegas)


Procedures and Training Manuals, Click for a Peek. We can custom design all these manuals to fit a particular casino.  Manuals are stored on CDs'


Dealer Training Supervision General Procedures Surveillance Internal Controls
Blackjack (21) Pit Floorman Pit Department Blackjack (21) Cage
Roulette Pit Supervisor Blackjack (21) Roulette Computers
Baccarat Shift Manager Craps (Dice) Baccarat Entertainment
Craps (Dice) Casino Manager Roulette Slot Machines Internal Audit
Baccarat Keno (Comp.)
Roulette Keno (Manual)
Big 6 (Wheel) Pari-mutual
Checkrakers Poker
Sports Book
Slot Machines
Table Games













  In 1985, Jim Kilby of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas developed various computer models based on different algorithms.  He then tested the computer against actual observations that included $40,000,000 in bets.  All of his models predicted house win higher than his actual observations.  In conclusion, he stated that the house wins at a rate equal to the average bets per hour.
Casino Marketing


December 31, Year End Results

Even if you hate numbers, these will wow you !!

Clark County Statistics (Las Vegas) Click Here 1974-2001

Washoe County Statistics (Reno) Click Here 1974-2001

Las Vegas Casinos Return on Invested Capital Click Here


Graphs Twenty Years

Gaming Win by Tables and Slot Machines, Clark County (Las Vegas)

Gaming Win by Tables and Slot Machines, Washoe County (Reno)

Gaming Win by Tables and Slot Machines, South Lake Tahoe

Rooms in Clark and Washoe County

Vehicle Traffic I-15 and I-80

Airport Deplaned Passengers Clark and Washoe

Entertainment Tax Earned Clark and Washoe



McGhie Consulting was established in 1987 to provide services to the gambling industry.  We have been involved with a wide scope of services including computer assisted design of casino floor plans, economic impact studies, management reviews and developing marketing strategies for individual casinos. Our participation in casino consulting has extended to most of the jurisdictions in the United States. The Firm has consulted on gambling issues in Nevada, New Jersey, Mississippi, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Montana, New Mexico, Washington, Kansas, New York, California and Oklahoma.

The expansion of gambling to new areas of the continent has provided us with opportunities to assist in organizing, training, studying, auditing and consulting for most aspects of management related to gaming. The experience and size of the Firm includes engagements for Native American Casinos including auditing, internal controls and economic impact studies.  

Our experience with casinos and gaming is extensive, including international consulting for clients in Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Canouan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and South Korea. In addition, the President of the Firm has consulted for governmental gaming agencies including the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Nevada Gaming Commission, New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, Montana Gaming Control Division, and internationally for the Compania de Turismo de Puerto Rico, the New Zealand Casino Control Authority, the Societe Des Casinos du Quebec, and the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation.

McGhie Consulting has been engaged numerous times to prepare financial projections or forecasts for existing hotel casinos or prospective developments. These engagements have occasionally been supported with detailed market analyses to identify a particular niche market or to evaluate the feasibility of a proposed development.

The Firm also has an extensive library of hotel casino leases and management contracts. Using this information, coupled with prior personal experience, the Firm has consulted with various individuals and their attorneys in developing all types of second party contracts. In addition, the Firm has worked with hotel and casino owners to find management companies for the operations.

 Maintenance of a complete library of operational procedures and manuals for every phase of a casino operation is a must.   These include the specialty departments such as dealer training and casino surveillance.  These manuals are stored on CDs’ and can be custom designed to fit the procedures of a particular casino.













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