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Power Compression Shorts and Shirts

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Goode Wraps Provide Relief From Triathlon Muscle Fatigue, Pain, Swelling  and Stiffness by Relaxing Muscles to reduce stress on the tendons   

Pitchers -- Goalies -- Quarterbacks



Power Compression Shorts and Compression Shirts
 to Relieve Muscle Fatigue
Men,  Women  and  Children


Hawaii 2005 Ironman Triathlon Participant
"Your compression shorts saved my ass."


If you are a surgeon and suffer from leg fatigue and lower back pain because of long hours standing in the operating room, try our compressions shorts.  One surgeon bought three pair and swears they saved his profession.  

“I was on your web site and saw the testimonials for compression shorts.  I am a surgeon and when I’ve been in the operating room for a long time my hips and quadriceps get fatigued.  I would like to try a pair of your shorts.”  GW, two months later he ordered three more pair.  

   periostitis, doctors shin splints

What do Goode Wraps Add?

The compression shorts and shirts have rare-earth semiconductors silk-screened to the inside of the shorts and shirts.  It is the combination of the compression and the rare earth semiconductors that provide the unique concept.  The compression prevents muscle vibration while the semiconductors relax muscles to reduce stress on the tendons.   This combination significantly improves the efficiency of the proprioceptors responsible for the muscles. The signal to the brain is greatly enhanced.  The result is better body communication and less fatigue 

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Chronic Muscle Fatigue Leg Fatigue

The Power Compression Shorts and Shirts with silk-screened rare-earth semiconductors significantly reduce the muscle vibration and fatigue.  See Mens Marathon Running,  or Women's Marathon Running, for studies on power compression shorts and the following on athletic improvement from Goode Wraps rare earth semiconductors.



Athletic muscle fatigue is very common.  Extreme stress to compete is a natural part of sports.  High intensity exercise produces muscle fatigue.  Delayed onset, Quad and Hamstring pain are the results of the push to excellence.   Many parents are frantically searching the Internet to keep their children active and healthy.  This makes research  a requirement.  Western (Allopathic MD) medicine, scientific medicine, biomedicine or modern medicine including (Orthopaedic Surgeons,) Chiropractors, Trainers and Physical Therapist all treat and diagnose muscle fatigue.   Eastern (Homeopathic) medicine such as Osteopaths (DO.)  Alternative and Complementary medicine are also sources.  Ayurveda is also very much a part of your search for muscle fatigue relief.  College scholarships for most young athletes are a major goal .  

Delayed Onset Pain is one of the first results of muscle fatigue.  The burn is expected when you give it your all.  Acute peripheral pain is the first symptom you get.  You work through the pain to achieve your goals.  Chronic pain can be the result over time.  True or perceived pain can cause cramping in your legs, feet, arms (Carpopedal spasms,) back, shoulders and neck.  Muscle fatigue can be excruciating.  Muscle cells work when the brain sends electrical impulses telling them to contract.  If trained athletes sprint or lift heavy weights they use aerobic metabolism to quickly deliver oxygen to the hard working muscles, if given time.  ATP is provided by anaerobic metabolism.  Both can be used up and result in muscle fatigue.  Lack of Vitamin E and imbalance of calcium and magnesium levels need testing.  If Vitamin D is deficient and you have low calcium, your medical professionals can suggest dosages.  Hyperventilation temporarily reduces calcium availability.  Goode Wraps have muscle relaxation, pain and swelling research at major Universities.  Googling for information is imperative.   

 Relief can come using RICE, stretching, cr�mes, wraps, massage, etc.  Many hours in the Gym builds your muscle tone and prepares you for the rigors of sports.  A healthy source of water is mandatory.  Dehydration is a major consideration.  Major Universities such as The University of Texas at San Antonio,  BYU, Colorado State, Texas Tech and Kansas University are sites of athletic double blinded research projects.  Testing for the causes of muscle fatigue can show twitching, spasms, tingling, “pins and needles”, cramping, twitching or numbness.  If muscle fatigue is not caused by an athletic injury, determining the etiology is all important.  Tensilon tests are one of the tools to define your symptoms.  Occupational muscle injury is a major research area.  Calcium and  magnesium levels will be suspect. Mononeuropathy (single nerve) or polyneuropathy (groups) may be damaged.  Columbia University is doing research on calcium leaking for the release channels in the sarcoplasmic reticulum.  Central and neural pain usually indicates a more serious systemic problem.  Squat test, MRI, Ultrasound, and physical exams may be needed. It is important to rule out serious conditions before implementing treatments.   

Preventing Delayed Onset Syndrome Muscle  Fatigue

Certain tactics may enable you to avoid delayed soreness altogether, or at least keep it to a minimum.  One step is to warm up thoroughly before activity and cool down completely afterward.  This can be done by stretching the muscles that you will be using and by doing a few minutes of light, low-impact aerobic activity, such as walking or biking.

It's also important to give your muscles time to adapt to your activity.  For instance, if you have been inactive and your goal is to walk 3 miles in 45 minutes, start by simply walking a mile or so, and then add another quarter- to half-mile at each workout until you can comfortably walk 3 miles.  Then you can begin to increase your walking pace to achieve your goal.


These principles to avoid DOMS can apply to any activity, especially weight training.  Begin with a weight that you can comfortably use to perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions for an exercise or use Goode Wraps compression shorts, shirts or other wraps, see research below.   Continue to use this weight until you can perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions.  At the next workout, increase the weight to one that will allow 3 sets of 10 repetitions, and increase the repetitions to 15 as with the first weight. This process should continue until you reach the level of resistance that is appropriate for your training goals.


Brianne --- Girls High School Softball Player of the Year 2001 and 2002.  Pitched seven no hitters and one perfect game in 2002. Also plays varsity basketball and volleyball.  This is what she told us in the winter of 2000.

"My legs would get tired in the fourth quarter.   My dad got me a pair of Goode Wraps compression shorts.  Since then I have played entire games and did not have tired legs in the fourth quarter.  I am going to get another pair with sliding pads for this years softball."

Note:  Brianne pitched four softball games in two days winning the 2002 State Championship.  She had worn her compression shorts for every game for almost two years and washed them over 200 times.  Her dad just bought her a new pair for the summer softball season.

In 2003 she was picked the High School Athlete of the Year in basketball and softball.  She also won four games in three days for the State Championship.  She has a scholarship and is now in college.


Lactic Acid results in "Delayed Onset Syndrome" or muscle ache following exercise.  A pilot study by the University of Kansas Medical School reported the following:

Pilot Study for Delayed Onset Syndrome in Fatigued Quadriceps

 Effects of Goode Wraps on Peak Muscle Torque and Integrated EMG Activity


After 24-48 hours, the subjects rated intensity of soreness on a scale from 0-10.  The authors' preliminary reports supported the effectiveness of Goode Wraps in reduction of muscle pain compared to the placebo group.

Goode Wraps were researched at the University of  Kansas Medical School for the effects of delayed onset syndrome wearing Goode Wraps.


Enhance Athletic Performance While Reducing Chronic Muscle Fatigue and Leg Fatigue

Power Compression Shorts and Sports Shirts

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Complete Product Information, Clinical Studies, Testimonials



Power Compression Shorts And Shirts

Custom made for men, women .  Tell us your problem.  Groin, Hamstring, Hip, Sciatica, Quadriceps, Lower Back. Give use a call at 1-888-972-7200.   Our representatives will return your call and explain the options.  In the mean time, visit the Goode Wraps home site for more information and research briefs. 

Triathlon Fatigue

Compression Shorts Price

Power Compression Shorts

Groin Pull, Pulled Hamstring, Lower Back Pain, Hip Pain, Adductor Stress
Quadriceps Pull Sciatica Pain

Men, Women and Children

We start with custom made compression shorts the best on the market today, Power Compression Shorts --45% Lycra  and 55% Nylon (no rubber, elastic or neoprene to irritate).  Then we add Goode Wraps semiconductor technology to make a premium product for the relief of pain in the groin, hamstring, quadriceps, hips, thighs, sciatica or lower back.  To Order, Use the secure order form at

Questions, please email

We need your waist size in inches.    30 day money back guarantee.  

You Will Not Be Disappointed
125.00 Each

Compression shorts

Basketball Baseball Volleyball Hockey Soccer Softball Gymnastics Golf Swimming Jogging Bowling Cycling Running Football Skiing Tennis

Additional Benefits from Power Compression Shorts
Improve Athletic Ability and Reduce Injury

It has been proven throughout the research at Penn State Center for Sports Medicine that garments engineered to meet DuPont Lycra Power® Compression Shorts standards ensure a competitive edge.  Research at Ball State concluded:  Through various mechanisms, these findings may translate into an effect on athletic performance and reduction of injury.  Pilot studies show Goode Wraps Power Compression Shorts with  external application of semiconductors may have a 5% additional positive effect on motor performance (kicking a foot ball and standing high jump).

LA Times - Some say compression garments can enhance performance by improving the body's awareness of motion

We have had only one person tell us he re-injured himself while wearing our shorts, he was a sprinter who pulled a quadriceps muscle, and he told us the story while ordering another pair.

Hexagonal Self-adhesive Tapes  --   HexTapes

A new product just available designed for trigger points or hard to reach muscles, gout  toes, heels, foot and finger knuckles.  Reduces varicose vein symptoms.  Small self adhesive tapes about the size of a dime.  A package of five sheets with 23 HexTapes on each page for only 20.00  ( Read This).  These Tapes are amazing.                                                                                             


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Hextapes pain swelling

We have excellent comments from clients using the HexTapes for muscle trigger points.


                      HexTape Sheet

Power Compression Shirt

Sleep Shirt / Night Shirt /  Undershirt - Shoulder, Rotator Cuff - Upper Back Pain

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100% Quality Cotton Shirt

This heavy duty T-shirt gives coverage for hard-to-reach places on the shoulders, upper back, down the spine and across the kidney area.  They are designed for sleeping to relieve pain, stiffness, swelling and muscle cramps or spasms. 

The order form lists men's sizes; women's equivalents are one size smaller i.e  a womens large would be a man's medium.

100.00 each 


Back Spasms Muscle Spasms Muscle Cramps
Rotator Cup/Cuff - Upper Back Pain 

To Order, Use Secure Form Here


Questions, please email  

Power Compression Shirts

Short Sleeve 25% Lycra 75% Nylon Power Compression Shirt

The shirt is designed for tight compression  It is used for active sports participation.  It has the same semiconductor pattern as the cotton shirt.  We recommend you do not overstate your size to get the compression most people expect.  The order form lists men's sizes; women's equivalents are one size smaller i.e. a women's large would be a man's medium.
  100.00 each 

Long Sleeve Power Compression Shirt - Designed for Quarterbacks and Pitchers

We have a new product, a Long Sleeve Power Compression Shirt, for Football Quarterbacks and Baseball Pitchers. This shirt was designed by a quarterback who had suffered a shoulder injury and a sore elbow two weeks before a bowl game.  Wearing our long sleeve shirt, he was forced into the bowl game in the 4th quarter when the starting quarterback was hurt.   He did not have a chance to warm-up but eventually threw the winning touchdown.  He told us after the game,  "I went running into the game knowing we were behind and I would have to throw.  I had been standing on the sideline all night but my muscles felt relaxed."

The shirt has the same pattern as the short sleeve shirts except for an additional pattern over the biceps and the elbow on both arms.
100.00 Each

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Sports Compression Shirt

Designed for Pitchers and Quarterbacks.  This shirt is 25% lycra and 75% nylon.  The semiconductors run across the shoulders, rotator cuffs, biceps, elbows and down the spinal column to provide complete coverage for the major muscle groups in the back and arms. The compression shirt is 125.00. 

The product has proven effective in relieving pain, swelling and stiffness in muscles and joints.  There have been no complaints about allergic reactions. The FDA laboratory in Seattle, Washington tested the product to see if any of the semiconductors were absorbed into the skin.  This test concluded the elements were not absorbed into the skin.

Additional research on anti-inflammatory action and muscle relaxation commissioned by Goode Wraps at Research.

Take a look, Goode Wraps, you will not be disappointed.  These products cannot be beat.

Goode Wraps

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We do not keep credit card numbers in our data base and all paper orders are shredded after three months.  All customer information is stored off-line.  Hackers cannot get to your records

Goode Wraps are not intended for sole treatment of injury or disease. Consult a physician for treatment of any pain or inflammation that is severe or that lasts for more than a few days.






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