Goode Wraps Relaxes Charlie Horse Leg Cramps

Stress and Restless Legs

Muscle Cramps .. Spasms


Charlie horse Leg Cramps Muscle Cramps, Restless Legs Leg Spasms leg pain Muscle Spasms Stiffness Restless Legs Wittmaac


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charlie horse leg cramps

Charlie horse Leg Cramps Muscle Cramps, charley horse Leg Spasms leg pain Muscle Spasms Stiffness Restless Legs

Hockey Leg Cramps ..  Soccer Muscle Cramps .. Basketball Charlie Horse Baseball Leg Pain .. Volleyball Restless Legs .. Softball Muscle Spasms Football .. Gymnastics .. Golf .. Swimming .. Jogging .. Bowling .. Cycling Running .. Dancing


Leg Cramps  Muscle Cramps
Leg Pain Charlie Horse Cramps
Muscle Spasms Restless Legs

Charlie horse Leg Cramps Muscle Cramps, Leg Spasms leg pain Muscle Spasms

Wittmaack- Ekbom's Syndrome


“I bought one of the leg warmers for a recurring muscle cramping spasm problem in my right calf, a Charlie Horse.  

I haven't had any cramps since using Goode wraps Leg Wrap (knock on wood!)”  

 Thanks for the help.   Marge G Charlie horse Leg Cramps Muscle amps, charley horse Leg Spasms leg pain Muscle Spasms Stiffness Restless Legs

These wraps are guaranteed or your money back, no questions asked.  Here is what one customer emailed:

Goode Wraps Owner:
"I have been using the Goode Wraps for over 18 years.  We found them on a visit to Japan in 1989.  Subsequently we were able to run down the manufacturer and after two years negotiation worked out an arrangement where we became the exclusive dealers in the US.  I occasionally suffer from foot, shin and calf cramps at night.  I get out of bed, walk around the room, place either an ankle wrap or a knee wrap over the cramp, walk a little bit and go back to bed and sleep the rest of the night.

Charlie Horse Leg Cramp

Charlie horse leg cramps are common on the athletic field.  Night leg cramps are very difficult for Senior Citizens as it wakes them in the night with intense pain.  Both are helped by using our Goode Wraps for the Leg .  Put them on and have a good night’s sleep or win the game! Charlie horses can be caused by fluctuations in Electrolytes.  Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Calcium and phosphate might be out of balance.  Overworked muscles, prolonged sitting, dehydration and certain medications can be the cause.  Seniors need to check with your doctor should you have poor circulation to legs, known as “Intermittent Claudication.”  Follow your Doctors recommendations such as hot baths or new medications and consider buying a Goode Wrap Leg Wrap.

 Wearing Goode Wraps while walking, massaging, stretching and flexing your foot toward your knee will shorten the time needed to relax those muscles and getting you back in the game or getting a good nights sleep.  See Goode Wraps section on University Medical Research.  Research also shows our wraps also increase athletic performance.  A body without pain can remain balanced and healthy.

Charlie Horse Leg Pain and Cramps

Your doctor may have suggested you have a calf cramp or Charlie Horse. This indicates muscle stress overload.   

Symptoms of Charlie Horse Leg Pain and Cramps

Muscles contract and relax over and over again but when a cramp occurs, the muscle locks in the contracted position (Charlie Horse.)  When the muscle is irritated, it cramps to protect the area of difficulty.  If you overuse your muscles during the day, you sometimes wake up at night with cramps.  They usually occur when a muscle tries to do more work than it has the flexibility or strength to do.  You have probably experienced a cramped hand, foot or biceps or other muscle spasm at some time.  Dehydration when you overwork your muscles can be a dangerous combination


Prevention of Charlie Horse Leg Pain


Muscle cells are made up of 80 % fluids, so they need to be replenished constantly.  So, Water-Water-Water!! Current recommendations are not to overdo the water but get the 6-8 glasses a day.  Bottled water makes it easy to replenish every few minutes during athletic activity.  Nothing ruins your day more than having a Charlie horse leg pain hit when you are in competition. 


Rest, cold therapy, stretching and exercises help to strengthen the muscles. Orthopedic Physicians and Physical Therapists are two of the specialties that have many treatment techniques for Charlie horse leg pain. 

Using Goode Wraps Knee Wraps are very helpful during these Charlie horse leg pain treatments.  Wearing them will reduce the pain and inflammation and accelerate your recovery. The best part is we have a topical application that doesn’t interfere with any medications.

We hope we provided a few tips for your recovery.  Please visit our Major University Research section to see how we reduce pain, relax muscles and reduce inflammation from Charlie horse leg pain.  The best case scenario is, long-term beneficial use of our Sports Wraps for Pain. Goode Wraps can enhance your athletic ability 5% (now that you are back in prime condition !!)

Common recommendations for relief from Charlie Horse::

Cramping and spasms during sleep is usually due to an exaggeration of a normal muscle reflex.  When you turn during sleep, you contract your calf muscles and stretch their tendons.  This stimulates nerve stretch receptors in the tendon and sends a message back to the spinal cord, telling the calf muscles to contract.  Sometimes, the muscles remain contracted and hurt.  Painful muscle cramps at night can also be caused by pinched nerves, a partially-obstructed flow of blood to the legs and abnormal mineral or hormone levels, so if you have this problem, check with your doctor.

The only drug that has been shown to be effective in treating night-time leg cramps is quinine, but the Food and Drug Administration has ruled that none of the over-the-counter drugs used to treat night-time leg cramps are recognized as safe or effective and therefore, will be subject to regulatory action.  Doctors often prescribe 1 or 2 quinine pills at bedtime, but they can cause birth defects and miscarriages, so they should never be taken by a pregnant woman.  They can also cause ringing in the ears, headache, nausea, disturbed vision, chest pain and asthma.


Goode Wraps Relieve Cramps by Relaxing Muscle and Tendons


Complete Information, Clinical Studies, Testimonials, or Call at 1-888-972-7200, if we are not here leave a message

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I cannot find anything on heel pain (Plantar Fisitis (s))...could you advise if the ankle wrap is the product to order or the tape.  By the way, I have RLS (restless leg Syndrome) and use the calf wrap.  I would never have believed this relief was possible WITHOUT the heavy drugs they give out.  This product works excellent for me.  I never would have believed it.  The heel problem is for my wife, who has witnessed my relief and naturally is looking to your help.  Thank you, Vince G.


Runner2.gif (2102 bytes)If you've ever been awaken by a leg pain from tendinitis, restless legs or leg cramps, you know how sudden and intense the pain can be.  Several factors, including dehydration, use of diuretics or overuse of your muscles can trigger leg pain. The cramps usually occur during rest or sleep. The tendinitis after exercise and may be called restless legs.

For Real Relief:

Try Goode Wraps leg products. These have been tested for 20 years in Japan and over ten years in the United States. Goode Wraps was picked best of show in 1995 by QVC and made four television appearances.

Leg Warmers, Cramps. Muscle Spasms Restless Legs - Charlie Horse

REGULAR Leg Warmer Wrap for Muscle Cramps, Restless Legs or Spasm
This is a tube that pulls over your foot and onto your calf.  This wrap can also be used as a Regular Knee Wrap or a Regular Shin Wrap.  To use this wrap, the circumference of your leg at the calf should be no larger than 17 inches.
45.00 each 

LARGE Leg Warmer Wrapleg cramps charlie horse
This tube pulls over your foot and onto your calf.  This wrap also functions as a Large Knee Wrap or a Large Shin Wrap.  It can be used on the upper leg for muscle cramps and spasms. This wrap will fit you if the circumference of your leg at the calf is 17-to-22 inches.
50.00 each 

Small Leg / Ankle Wraps / Cramps / Gout

 Ankle crampsONE SIZE FITS ALL (or most!)
This tube wrap pulls on over your foot and ankle.  It has the toes and heel open so you can wear it with your own stockings.  The Ankle Wrap can also be used as a Small Knee , Wrist Wrap or Small Elbow WrapJust rotate the cut-out heel area away from the pain if it is in the heel.
This wrap will fit if the circumference of you instep and ankle are both 7-to-13 inches.
45.00 each 

30 Day Guarantee return


Wrist Wraps for Foot Cramps?

One of our customers told us she has small feet and occasionally get painful cramps in the instep of her foot.  She had purchased wrist wraps and found the wrist wraps would fit her feet.  She said when she get cramps in the night and puts a wrist wrap on her foot, her cramp goes away by the time she gets back in bed. 

The most advanced sports product available. take a peek

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 Research Projects -- Studies from Five Major Universities --  Pain Management

University of Kansas .. Brigham Young University .. Colorado State

 University of Texas .. Texas Tech



Sleep Shirt / Night Shirt /  Undershirt - Shoulder Pain

back cramps

This heavy duty T-shirt gives coverage for hard-to-reach places on the shoulders, upper back, down the spine and across the kidney area.  The order form lists men's sizes; women's equivalents are one size smaller.

100.00 each 



leg cramps
30 Day Guarantee return

charlie horse


Goode Wraps relax muscles and tendons to relieve pain, swelling and stiffness

 Drs. Travell and Simons say, "Unexplained thigh and knee pain in children, even in infants, is more frequently due to quadriceps femoris TrPs [trigger points] than is generally realized. These youngsters with thigh and knee pain should be examined for TrPs."
(Myofascial Pain & Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual, Travell & Simons

Compression Shorts Price

Power Compression Shorts

Groin Pull, Pulled Hamstring, Lower Back Pain, Hip Pain, Adductor Stress
Quadriceps Pull Sciatica Pain

Men, Women and Children

We start with custom made compression shorts the best on the market today, Power Compression Shorts --45% Lycra  and 55% Nylon (no rubber, elastic or neoprene to irritate).  Then we add Goode Wraps semiconductor technology to make a premium product for the relief of pain in the groin, hamstring, quadriceps, hips, thighs, sciatica or lower back.  To Order, Use the secure order form at

Questions, please email

We need your waist size in inches.    30 day money back guarantee.  

You Will Not Be Disappointed
125.00 Each

Compression shorts

Basketball Baseball Volleyball Hockey Soccer Softball Gymnastics Golf Swimming Jogging Bowling Cycling Running Football Skiing Tennis

Additional Benefits from Power Compression Shorts
Improve Athletic Ability and Reduce Injury

It has been proven throughout the research at Penn State Center for Sports Medicine that garments engineered to meet DuPont Lycra Power® Compression Shorts standards ensure a competitive edge.  Research at Ball State concluded:  Through various mechanisms, these findings may translate into an effect on athletic performance and reduction of injury.  Pilot studies show Goode Wraps Power Compression Shorts with  external application of semiconductors may have a 5% additional positive effect on motor performance (kicking a foot ball and standing high jump).

LA Times - Some say compression garments can enhance performance by improving the body's awareness of motion

We have had only one person tell us he re-injured himself while wearing our shorts, he was a sprinter who pulled a quadriceps muscle, and he told us the story while ordering another pair.

Hexagonal Self-adhesive Tapes  --   HexTapes

A new product just available designed for trigger points or hard to reach muscles, gout  toes, heels, foot and finger knuckles.  Reduces varicose vein symptoms.  Small self adhesive tapes about the size of a dime.  A package of five sheets with 23 HexTapes on each page for only 20.00  ( Read This).  These Tapes are amazing.                                                                                             


Clear Here to use Secure Form

Hextapes pain swelling

We have excellent comments from clients using the HexTapes for muscle trigger points.


                      HexTape Sheet

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) has no known cause.  There are conditions similar that are caused by medical problems such as kidney failure or anemia. The most common form or restless legs affects between 1% and 5% of the general population. Males and females are equally affected, and it occurs in more people, as they get older. It is also known that during the last few months of pregnancy up to 15% of women develop restless legs. in most cases, the symptoms disappear after delivery.



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