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Surgery Knee Pain Relief
Post Operation

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury
Post Operation Surgery

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury (A C L) and Menisci cartilage tear are the results of sudden change in hyperextension or running with a possible audible tearing sound within the knee.  Weight bearing is difficult as the knee swells.  The knee could buckle unexpectedly as you change direction.  Basketball, football and soccer players are prone to ACL injuries because they jog to the right or left and stress the joint.  Jumping, cutting, kicking and pivoting stress the ACL ligament.  Most ACL’S don’t become serious unless you are in high level activities.    Normal trauma can be handled with RICE if a person is willing to give up the activity for a short time.  Goode Wraps Pain Management knee wraps have the perfect technology for ACL to get you back in the game. 

Your Orthopedic (Orthopedic) Surgeon might evaluate the ACL injury and recommend a Physical Therapist should surgery not be necessary. Treatments for both ACL and Meniscus tear may result in surgery.  Arthroscopic ligament reconstruction if needed, provides less postoperative treatments and shorter hospital stays.  High  level athletes may need to do the surgery with a four month rehabilitation and up to a year to recover full strength.  The American Journal of Sports medicine recommends an accelerated course for rehab for ACL.  They reduce the rehab to six weeks.  Goode Wraps Pain Management can make this accelerated Four Phase rehab work for you.  Muscle relaxation is the key.  Less pain and stiffness during therapy is the result. 

Rehabilitation after surgery for ACL can be successful if you follow a very strict Physical Therapy program. Rebuilding your strength and getting your motion back are the goals. Statistically, a high percentage of ACL joints return to normal knee function without swelling and pain. Infection is rare.  Rehab starts out with crutches, light exercise (exercise bicycle,) braces and avoidance of extensions. Move on to strength and range of motion exercises.  After the brace is removed you slowly go into straight line running with no jogs.  Swimming, bicycling, jogging and hiking can be a substitute for basketball, football or soccer.   Using an ACL brace at the end of the rehab, up to a year is usually indicated.  Goode Wraps Compression Shorts and Knee Wraps relax the muscles attached to the knee and reduce trauma to the tendon, ligaments as they heal.  Reduction of pain and stiffness is the result.   

Click on our Major University Research (Colorado State), which shows we also enhance athletic ability once you recover with the help of our high quality products.     

One of the most devastating injuries for athletes are Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears.

Goode Wraps wants to help you better understand the problem and suggest sources you may find on the Internet to educate yourself about ACL Injuries. 

Reconstructive knee surgery is much improved over the last decade for an Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury. When the ACL tears, the forward motion of the tibia (Shin Bone) greatly increases in relation to the femur (Thigh Bone.)  This is common in sports involved in jumping, turning and abrupt stops and starts.  This Ligament stretches across the knee joint.

The common treatment in the past was to do the corrective knee surgery and follow up with a knee brace for a year.  New research shows these braces may not be necessary.  When the athletes admitted to their Doctors that they hated the braces and didn’t use them, research was started to see if this was statistically significant.  The studies compared using the brace versus a pull-on elastic knee bandage or knee sleeve.  The conclusion was there was little difference.  Goode Wraps has a great solution to this alternative. 

 So, some injuries used pull-on elastic knee bandages or sleeves and some used braces for a year.  Goode Wraps has a lot to offer with our elastic knee wraps with our wonderful new technology.  The black dots on our wraps have a group of minerals that we have proven with University Medical Research can reduce Pain and Inflammation and can relax muscles to reduce trauma to the tendons and their attachment to the bone.

 Wearing Goode Wraps comfortable elastic tube wraps has a lot to offer you.  Wear them if the injury does not require surgery.  You will get great relief from pain and inflammation.  Also, if you do require surgery, wearing them before surgery reduces the inflammation, which is helpful to the surgeon.  Then, after the surgery, wear them to accelerate your recovery.  Goode Wraps has great testimonials from ACL surgery customers.

 Please pull up our University Research to show we found a product that works for you.  Our other wraps are terrific.  Our Compression Shorts have been very successful.  A Green Bay Packers kicker helped us develop this product.  He wanted something to keep his muscles loose and fresh and he asked us to add Compression Shorts and Shirts to our product line.  He was able to kick 5 yards further and they reduced his warm-up time.  We backed that up with University Research.

What are Goode Wraps?

They are quality sports wraps impregnated with a unique blend of natural rare-earth semiconductors.  Goode Wraps are available for the hip, groin, foot, ankle, knee, elbows, and wrist.  In fact, the semiconductors can be added to almost any cloth like material. 

We hope you found this information helpful.  

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 Skiing2.gif (2026 bytes)So I’ve been pretty aggressive about getting functional again. I was out on the tennis court a couple weeks after the tear (before I knew that it was a torn ACL), admittedly sort of hobbling around at first, but now, 5 weeks after the tear everything feels pretty good… I’m playing not quite full speed several times a week, getting stronger each time. I’ve also been stationary biking about a half an hour a day and that seems to help a lot. And this week I started formal physical therapy, now that I know it is a full ACL tear. By the way, I’m a “young” 44 year old male, very active and in good shape.

  The really fascinating thing is the range of opinions I’ve gotten from three orthopedists I’ve been to see about this: Doc 1 is one of the orthopedists for the Oakland A’s. His opinion is, get reconstructive surgery as soon as possible and it would be a very bad idea to play tennis or ski on it until then.

 Doc 2 is a highly regarded local orthopedist who has done thousands of reconstructions. He says that surgery is required eventually, but isn’t urgent, it can easily wait a year which would be much better timing for me because of my personal plans. In the meantime, he is confident that prior to surgery I can play tennis and ski (with a brace) at or close to my normal levels and this won’t have any adverse affect and minimal risk to the knee. He says surgery is ultimately required not so much for performance but because of the high likelihood of arthritis if the ACL isn’t replaced.

 Doc 3 is an “aggressive non-op” who says surgery isn’t necessary.  He says he has dozens of patients who have been playing aggressive tennis and skiing double black diamonds for decades without an ACL. He also says there is no statistical evidence or experiential evidence in his own practice that op or non-op makes any difference in the future occurrence of arthritis. He thinks surgery is very over-prescribed by surgeons… “to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail”.

 Yikes. What is a poor patient to think?  It is clear to me that there are no absolutes in this “science”… it all seems to be very subject to fads and fashions, which isn’t terribly comforting when your body is at stake. Anyway, as many others have suggested on this board, there is no substitute for doing your own research and making your own decision.

Thank God for the Internet… I can’t imagine how I would have learned all that I have about ACLs without it. This bulletin board is especially wonderful. Thanks, everyone, for your stories and info.

Goode Wraps Relax Muscles and Tendons 

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Knee Pain ACL - Anterior Cruciate  Ligament Surgery  Wraps

This tube wrap pulls on over your foot up to your knee.  This can also be used as a Regular Leg Warmer or Shin Wrap.  To use this wrap, the circumference of your leg at both the knee cap and calf should be 12-to-18 inches.
45.00 each  
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Photo of Large Knee WrapLARGE Knee Wrap
This tube also pulls on over your foot up to your knee.  It can also be used as a Large Leg Warmer or Large Shin Wrap.  This wrap will fit you if the circumference of your leg at both the knee cap and calf is 18-to-23 inches.
50.00 each  Order Large Knee Wrap

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What are Goode Wraps?

They are elasticized sports wraps.  Each of these is impregnated with a unique blend of natural rare-earth semiconductors.  Goode Wraps are available for the hip, groin, foot, ankle, knee, elbows, and wrist.  In fact, the semiconductors can be added to almost any cloth like material. 



Visit the home site (Goode Wraps) for more information or use the 1-888-972-7200 number. If you would like to read some of the research briefs, visit Research.

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Surgery Knee Pain Relief


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